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Interactive Notebooks & Student Achievement

No description

michael bennett

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks & Student Achievement

Notebook usage
positive correlation between scores earned on the two notebook checks
r = 0.655 , p < 0.01
Test Grades
Literature Review
Test 1
Test 2
Research Questions
How does the use of an interactive science notebook affect student:

1. attitudes toward learning science in school?
2. attitudes about the importance of scientific knowledge outside of school?
3. attitudes about their own ability to learn and understand science?
4. ability to retain scientific knowledge and understanding of scientific topics?
What is an interactive notebook, exactly?
Student-Created Ouput
Modified Cornell Notes

Numbered Pages
Dated Page
Page Titles

Table of Contents
Critical Content
Class Notes Reading Notes


Lab Data Field Observations

Visual Representations
Drawings Pictures

Comics Foldables
Graphic Organizers Concept Maps

Reading and/or content summaries

Graphs/Charts from Lab Data

Student-created Organized
Interactive Notebooks
Student Achievement

Informational Input
A strong positive correlation exists between the scores on notebook check 1 and Q1 grades (r = 0.805, p << 0.01). A positive correlation also exists between notebook check 2 and Q1 grades (r = 0.607, p <0.01)
Quarter 1 Grades
Triangulation Matrix
Notebook Usage
Notebook Checks
Two notebook checks conducted.

Two weeks into study and at the end of the study.

Students graded on how well notebook met organization and content criteria
Notebook Survey
21 Item survey
Four option, forced choice scale

Questions on notebook usage and student opinions on their usefulness as learning tools

(not presented in this presentation)
Work Samples
Quarter 1 Grades
Students' cumulative first quarter grades analyzed as an "overall" achievement measure
Test Grades
Two unit tests (summative assessment)

Students allowed to use notebooks on tests

Classwork Averages
Average classwork grades (~40% of overall grade) for first quarter used as another, alternative measure of achievement

(not presented in this presentation)
Interactive Notebooks
little research actually exists regarding their efficacy in increasing student engagement, motivation, or achievement (Young 2003)

beneficial for building science vocabulary (Larson et al 2013)

encourage self-reflection an integration of new knowledge (Waldman & Crippen 2009)

helps students stay organized (Waldman & Crippen 2009)

increase long-term recall (Lee et al 2007).

better recall and comprehension (Boyle 2010).

making notes promotes better learning and recall than simply copying down notes verbatim from a presentation or lecturer (Mueller & Oppenheimer 2014)

graphic organizers are better than outlines for student understanding (Katayama & Robinson 2000)
Consistent link between motivation and achievement in science

Motivation and achievement highly correlated with self-efficacy

Britner & Pajares 2006, Britner 2008, Singh et al 2002
Grafton High School
Yorktown, VA
8 Boys
13 girls
14 white
2 Asian American
3 Black
2 Pacific Islander
Study Group:
Twenty-one Environmental
Science Students

One 504 plan
2 English Language Learners
Scores on both notebook checks were very low

Although NB2 was lower, difference not significant (high variance)
low scores on notebook checks were primarily due to a lack of output pages to accompany class notes/input pagesu
overall class average = 79.3%
median quarter 1 grade = 80.7%

>50% (11/21) of Q1 grades were A’s or B’s
Only 3 F's (failing grades)
A positive correlation existed between notebook check 1 and test 1 scores (r = 0.4924, p = 0.023)
scores were significantly higher on Test 2 than Test 1 (two-tailed Student’s T-test, p = 0.037)
But no correlation between notebooks and test scores
Increased Achievement
Notebooks do appear to increase achievement

correlated with Q1 grades, Test 1 grades and classwork grades (not presented above)
Test 2 - more recall items than Test 1
(explains higher T2 scores)

Test 1 - more comprehension
positive correlation with notebooks

SUGGESTS that notebooks improve comprehension.
Data from student surveys, not presented here, suggest that the students do not like using the notebooks and feel they offer little benefit for learning.
The notebook is, to be blunt, annoying and no use to me. I do well (fairly) in class and the notebooks are a waste of time, other than use for class notes.
"I do not enjoy the output pages. I typically do not vent my creativity and prefer to write what is necessary while using the smallest amount of time in the most efficient way. Otherwise it distracts me."
BUT (there's always a but...)
"I like using the notebooks because it helps me stay organized and understand the material better."

"I don't like anything about the notebooks"
Additional student comments on the surveys mostly agreed with that sentiment. For example,
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