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Pomeranian and their Adaptions

No description

Miss. Bond

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of Pomeranian and their Adaptions

The Pomeranian adaptations they have to survive are long daily walks to about anywhere . Eating dry dog food. They need to be groomed weekly , and need to go to the vet once a month. They need long daily walks so the can do to the bathroom a lot or else they will pee in your home. They need to be groomed weekly because they shed, but their fur stays stuck in their fur , then you will need to brush it out or else your don’t your Pomeranian will feel uncomfortable. Pomeranian’s need to go to the vet once a month for a check-up because their legs are fragile and need to be checked .

background information
Interesting facts
Why they are they used is to use the bathroom, to eat and survive , so all the hair won’t be tangled.The Pomeranian is protected by humans,they are pets and can’t live out in the wild. Pomeranian are from the spitz family they are from the toy breed. The Pomeranian lives in a house or historically in the region of Pomeranian
Pomeranian and their Adaptions
Anaya Bond

They live in a house or historically it is the region of Pomerania .

food source : dry dog food and water , treats

genus: canis

species: lupus familiaris

habitat: in a house


warm blooded


Interesting Facts
good watch dogs
long life span ( 12- 16 years )
always small
love comfortable things
double coat
love attention
when are bore start chaos
have lots of nicknames
When the Titanic sank in 1912, 2,223 passengers didn't survive. A a Pomeranian survived! The dog belonged to a woman named Miss Margaret Hays, they were saved by being allowed into a lifeboat.

eager to learn
will bark at suspicious activity
Theodore Roosevelt owned a Pom named Gem
have consistent shedding
active and confident
energetic and intelligent
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