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Female Spies of the Civil War

Women often served as spies.They were often successful and unsuspected.

ashley jackson

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Female Spies of the Civil War

Women Spies in the Civil War Elizabeth Van Lew
She was a women spy of the Civil War
She was also born in Richmond, Virgina
The union prisioners gave her information, which she then passed on to the North
Allan Pinkerton was appointed the first detective in Chicago
He partnered with Edward Rucker in forming the North-Western Police Agency
This was later known as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency
Many of his agents worked as under-cover Confederate soliders or sympathizers Sarah Emma Edmonds She was born in Magaguadavic, New Brunswick, Canada
She left her home because she was not happy there cause her dad was physically and verbally abusive and he tried to force her to marry someone she didnt love
She disguised herself as a man named "Franklin Flint Thompson" during the Civil War
She served as a male field nurse at that time
She then became a Union spy when she saw a opening for the job Harriet Tubman She was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and a Union spy during the Civil War
After she escaped from slavery, she helped the other slaves escape through the UnderGround Railroad
When the Civil War began she worked in the Union Army as a cook
Then later she became a nurse, then an armed scout and spy
She also helped with the Women Suffrage Movement, until she became sick and had to be put in a home for elderly African Americans (which she opened earlier in her life) Pauline Cushman She worked as an actress until she was fired
She then decided to become a Union spy
She fraternized with the Confederate military comanders
While doing this she was able to take there military drawings and plans
She hid them in her shoes until she was caught by General Braxton Bragg
She was tried in military court and sentenced to death
Sarah Wakemen She was born in New York, and was the oldest child .
At 18 she decided she wanted to disguise herself as a man to earn money.
Before the war had begun she worked as a coal handeler on a canal boat.
In 1862 she inlisted in the war under the name of Lyon/s Wakemen.
She died of dysentry, and was later burried in Louisiana. Alan Pinkerton
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