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Getting Published

No description

Aja Hannah

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Getting Published

Getting Published

Choose Your Path
Do-It-Yourself = Self-Publication
Half/Half = Indie Publication
Leave it to Professionals = The Big Six
Gatherings of authors, agents, poets, publishers, speakers, and you
Winners receive prizes from sponsoring magazines, Twitter pitches, bloggers, and panels including money, publication, agent or publisher sessions, etc.
Standard Submissions
Literary Magazines (
Poets and Writers
Books: 808 publication section in library
The Query
A document which describes in three paragraphs your manuscript, your audience, and your experience.
A sentence or two that describes the manuscript to pose to agents or publishers in person.
It happens to
Never offer payment.
Never respond in any way other than a professional manner.

Right Now
The Best Advice: Edit, put-it-away, write something else, revisit some time later, and network.
No contracts necessary
No agent %
No publisher %
No advance
Complete control
All expenses out of pocket
Cover art
Publishing software
Indie Publication
Have contracts and deadlines
No agent necessary
Publisher %
Usually start-up/small companies
One-on-one interaction
Medium author control and responsibility
Possible low advance
Big Five
High advances
Agent necessary and %
Publisher %
Little author control
Less author work
Experienced and valued name
Wide audience, guarantee sell
Difficult to get contract
Capture the agent or publisher's attention immediately.

Originality counts.

"Since the Great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755, the Bermuda Triangle and nine similar vortexes have taken in everything from ships to camels."
Tell the agent/publisher how to sell your book and who to sell it to.

Genre, word-count, and audience

Zarconian Island : A 65,000-word young adult, paranormal romance
Anything, anything, anything

Any publication, byline, credit, related degree, award, or class

NaNoWriMo counts.
Keep It Short
25-word, 50-word, one sentence, Tweet length
Grab, Don't Gab
Get them interested. What's new about your story? Why should they care?
Nothing is worse than not being able to explain your own book.

E.g. My first conference
Meet professionals in the industry
Learn more about writing, editing, publishing, promoting, etc
Student discounts
Agents and publishers will read your work! *

*If you pay them
Costly conference fees
Extra charges for agent sessions, no guarantee
Crowded and long
Seen by many panel eyes (some professional)
Winning means credit to your portfolio even if it's small
Easy to find a contest to fit your work
Entry fees (sometimes)
One winner out of many entrants
Variety of submission guidelines
Usual path, "tried and true"
Always opening and closing submission dates
Few personal responses
No responses
Slush Pile
The more you are rejected the more you learn.
The more likely you are to be asked for a partial
It's not personal, but it is subjective.
They didn't like/want/believe in your creation.
Usually, it means you have more work to do.
The First 5
Show, Don't Tell
Kill words like "happy" and "beautiful"
Analyze how each character acts and apply it
Work in background information in dialogue, context clues, etc
Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook
Write reviews: goodreads, amazon, blogs
Go to reading or writing groups
Interact with and comment on writers, agents, and publishers
Be professional online
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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