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No description

Maddie Ramold

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Proteus


What is Proteus Syndrome?
Proteus Syndrome or PS is a rare condition that causes an overgrowth of the bones, skin, or tissues in the body. This causes parts of the body to grow uncontrollably.
What does it affect?
PS can cause many different things to happen. However, most common is a reckless growth in the bones, skin, or spine.

What does it affect (Continued)
People with PS can also have neurological abnormalities such as; intellectual disabilities, seizures, vision loss
So, although Proteus Syndrome itself is not life-treating, symptoms or aspects of the syndrome can be life-threatening.
PS is caused by a mutation on the gene ATK1 gene.

ATK1 helps regulate cell growth, this is what allows for the rapid cell growth and division.

Rebecca was born with Proteus Syndrome, she has problems with her spine, breathing properly, and she is extremely skinny because she has to use all of her bodies nutrients to heal her bed sores . It is very difficult for her to do anything other than lay in bed all day. She was not expected to live through her teens, however she is now 21.
Living with Proteus Syndrome
Child with PS
Female with PS
PS in an older man
Middle Age
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