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Pro On

No description

Leo Cooper

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Pro On

A Task Manager with Statistics
A competitive software
Serious games
Our device : "we provide team management by building your team's spirit"
A Professional Social Network
Pro On
An Internet-inspired Software
A software solution you've always waited for.
A fun and relaxed way to share and keep in touch with your colleagues
Serious games
Use Pro-On without stress and keep smiling
A first game to take charge of the platform and optimize its using

→ A way to learn it independently for the employee

→ A way to avoid the costs of a training for the employer
We do what you need !
One month free !

Annual subscription

Price start with 50 euros

For all kinds of companies

First creation expensive then only duplication

Why Pro On
A Project Developed by
Alicia Degraeve (C.E.O.)
Cécile Romain (HR manager)
Mouna Oumaarir (Finance manager)
Marine Foulon (Communication, Marketing & Sales Manager)
Véronique Rattaire (Head of Logistics Department for Customers Needs and IT Manager)
Group 4B
Laura Street
A Safe Storage and Cloud System
A Business Intelligence Tool
A Trustworthy Videoconference System
A Corporate Wiki
A way to personalize the platform
...is a waste of time
What you probably have now....
Too many platforms, too many accounts, too many passwords...
Pro on gathers all your working tools in one
- emails account,
- calendar
- video conferences
- files exchanges...
Internal and External Environment of the Company
Security :
Exchange files safely
No external security problems : all the data is saved and protected
No spams
A privacy system
Not based on a cloud system but on one of Pro-On's private serversbase
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