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SuperMan an Epic Hero

No description

Wyatt Melton

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of SuperMan an Epic Hero

The tell of an epic hero
Superman is an epic hero who is always saving the world from evil. His real name is Clark Kent and he is a journalist by day and a superhero by night. he was a journalist for the daily plant.
The 8 traits of an epic hero are
Special Ability
Side Kick
Magical land
Low Point
Regain his rightful place
Superman is an epic hero because of the 8 traits of an hero

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Superman's Special Ability
Superman's special ability is he can fly, he has super strength, he can hear in the same frequency as a dog, he can fly faster than the speed of light, and he has super jump,and he has X-RAY vision.
Superman's Quest
Superman's quest is to save the world from evil. Like when Lex Luther trired to destroy the west cost of California.
Superman's test are saving the people of Metropolis. He has to save Louis Lane a couple times. He has to save some students in a bus that is about to fall of the Golden Gate Bridge. he has to save Jimmey Olsen because he is about to fall of the Hoover Dam. he has to save Eve Teschmacher's mom in Hackensack, NJ. and he saves many more when he prevents the earthquake from dropping California into the ocean.
Superman an Epic Hero
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Superman's Test
Superman's Sidekick
Superman's sidekick is Louis Lane because sahe helps him and superman has a crush on her. she helps him at the Daily Planet. Superman will do anything for her

superman is from the planet Krypton, but makes his home the Fortress of Solitude on earth.
Superman's low Point
Superman's low point is when Lex Luther put Kryptonite around his neck and then threw him into water. this is his low point because you think he is going to die and Lex Luther is going to destroy the west cost of California.
Superman's Rebirth
Superman's rebirth is when Eve Teschmacher's jumps in the pool were superman is and takes the kyrptonite off from around his neck and saves his life and then superman says he will save her mom first.
Regains his Throne
When Superman gains his throne is when he stops Lex Luther. he puts Lex Luther in jail. Once Lex Luther is in jail we know that Superman has won.
With the 8 traits of a hero i have just shown that is why superman is classified as an epic hero. He has every trait of an epic hero. This epic hero topic is important because it lets us know that an every day person can be an epic hero.
Mythical Land
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