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New York Colony


on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of New York Colony

New York Colony
Reason for Founding
Climate & Geography
First explored by Samuel de Champlain
Area was claimed by Henry Hudson
It became a colony of the Netherlands and was founded in 1664
Treaty of Westminister ends third Anglo-Dutch War giving the colony of New York to England in 1674
Profit gain
Came from fur, trade, farming
New York was a middle colony
Hot, humid summers and cold, windy winters
Swampy near coastline
Mountains and Forests
Rocky ground but good for farming
Located near Iroquois tribes
Made livings of fur trade, lumber, shipping, slave trade, and other merchandise
Mostly Farmers
corn, wheat, veggies, tobacco
Mining Iron
Religious freedom
Lots of diversity in religion because of the Puritan north and Catholic Church downward in Maryland
Mostly Protestants
Governor appointed by king
Governor was told how to run by the king
Colonists gained some government authority that did not last long
Major taxes
First governor of New York was Peter Minuits

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