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Nothing But the Truth

No description

angi vargas

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Nothing But the Truth

Nothing But the Truth Ninth Grader New Hampshire Harrison School District, New Hampshire Philip Malloy along with many other students attend Harrison High School Philip Malloy Ninth Grader who attends Harrison High School. He is interested in track. He looks up to Steve Hallik. Philip does not enjoy studying or school. Ms. Narwin One of the schools best english teachers. She strictly goes by the rules and challenges her students. Dr. Doane Principle of Harrison High School. Dr. Seymour Superintendent of Harrison High School. Is preoccupied with the vote for the budget most of the story. Mr. and Mrs. Malloy The parents of Philip Malloy. They both work and don't often get associated in Philip's life. Philip, his friends, and family live in Harrison, New Hamphire where the story takes place. Story Line;
Philip Malloy is a student at Harrison School District. He enjoys track and joking around. When his normal tactics of getting decent grades fail him, he is unable to join track because of a non passing grade. Instead of taking responcibilty for his actions he turns to blame the teacher that gave him this grade, Ms. Narwin. The story continues as Phillip finds ways to "prove" that Ms. Nawin "is out to get him", thus explaining his failing grade. Philip learns that it is better to tell "Nothing but the truth" than make up a story and feed it with lies. Trail of lies "Ms. Nawrin is out to get me" Untruths
Philip told his parents he was forced to stop singing in class (not mentioning the rule was to be silent).
Told Ms. Narwin his humming was allowed in r. Lunsers class.
Whenever asked, Philip gave excuses for not trying out for track, but never gave the real reason. Philip's homeroom changes and he decides to test Mrs. Narwins patience. He hums while the Star-Spangled Banner is played, when the rule is to be silent. Rising action;
Philip was suspended with the choice of suspension or apoligizing to Ms. Narwin. The story abd reasons are not all explained in this scene. Philip's father takes Philip to speak with Ted Griffin, a candidate for the school board, and then Philip speaks to a reporter only stating his twisted side of the story. The story told by Philip is now a part of the newspaper and open to the public. "That's how we raised him" Phillip Malloy goes back to school and the fellow students who know the truth confront him about what he has done. And Allison Doresett made him feel guilty. Fast Runner Lazy Philip comes home complaining that he wants to to switch schools but won't give his parents a reason why. There are two options for him. Be sent to a private school using his college fund, or be sent to live with his aunt. The public world is giving Ms. Narwin a hard time, sending hate mail, and her administraters give her the opportunity to attend a workshop she wanted, if she resigns for the end of the year. Resolution;
Philip is sent to a private school where there is no track team and he is using his college fund to pay for it.
Ms. Narwin tries to get her story out but her attempt fails. On this day in history March 2nd, the Articles or Confederation were ratified in 1781. Story teller(liar) Strict Caring Love of Literature
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