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Lovers' Infiniteness

English Poem Assignment

StephanieClaudia Sua

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Lovers' Infiniteness

'If yet I have not all thy love,
Deare, I shall never have it all'
-In the beginning, he describes what he has done for her to gain her interest
-She loves him partially
-He talks about her 'partial' love that he can't have anymore in the last stanza
-The love that Donne is talking about is at a theological level
-Totality of love
-Love in the olden days
-Women were loved and admired by ardent young men
-Buying love
-3 stanzas
-3 part arguement
-11 lines per stanza
-Each stanza ends with 'all'
-First person
John Donne
Came from a Roman Catholic family (very religious!)
Renaissance period
Became a priest in 1615
Known for his 'Metaphysical Poetry'
Strong and dramatic
Lovers' Infiniteness
Metaphysical Poetry
Abrupt beginning
'After' the physics
- He shows his affection towards her by purchasing items
- Very brokenhearted
Deeper meaning
-He is comparing between physical love and God's love
-Buying imagery
-He stresses the amount of effort that is spent towards his loved one
-Emphasizing the fact of what you have to go through
-Words like treasure, purchase, bargain, stock...
Authorial Intentions
-God's love is never ending
-Takes a lot to give one's heart to another completely
-God's love cannot be explained by science
-God's love is infinite
-It is a supernatural gift
-'This new love may beget new fears, For this love was not vow'd by thee. And yet it was, thy gift being general
-Desperate for love
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