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Aspiring Leaders


Charles Cobbold

on 15 August 2012

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Transcript of Aspiring Leaders

My Aspiring Leadership experience 1. Firstly 2. Secondly The text "What Leaders Really Do" by John Kotter I found to be really insightful in terms of the difference between Management and Leadership. Developing my vision as a leader 3. Thirdly The Restoritive Practices 3a. I particlarly liked the three things that make up an apology. They are
1. Saying sorry
2. Saying exactly what you did that was wrong
3. What you intend to do to make it up to the person you are saying sorry to or ensure that it does not happen again. 4. Fourthly Ms Beijing
A brave effort from Belinda 5. Fifthly The shaddowing experience Energy The ability to come to each new challenge without any baggage The ability to pigeon hole things The importance of a great working realtonship with Support Staff.
A real sense of humour that is infectious.
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