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Parliamentary Procedure

The orderly way to conduct a business meeting

Nancy Cook

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure A set of guidelines designed to help a group work together 1. A group must work in a peaceful, orderly way. 2. The group makes decisions by "majority rule". 3. The minority must be treated fairly and respectfully. 4. The group chooses its own officers, who must serve the needs of the group. T The Officers The President or Chair
Prepares agenda
Sets time/place
Calls mtg to order
Keeps mtg going
Resolves conflicts
Stays within time set
Concludes mtg Vice President
Runs the mtg if President is unable
Represents the President
Breaks tie votes
Primary record keeper
Sends correspondence
Checks attendance
Reads minutes
Takes minutes Treasurer
Keeps financial records
Pays the group's bills
Gives financial reports Order of Business 1. Call to Order 2. Approving the Agenda 3. Reading the Minutes 4. Officer's Reports 5. Committee Reports 6. Old Business 7. New Business 8. Announcements 9. Adjournment How is a meeting run? What do you know about
Parliamentary Procedure? Parliamentarian
Historian Terms to know:
Amend a motion
"I move" that
Entertain a motion
Request recognition
Out of order
Call the Question
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