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Murder mystery Book Project

No description

Damian Webb

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Murder mystery Book Project

For my book idea I will take pictures of some guests at a party (Friends and Family) where one of the guest will be murdered I however cannot go into detail or it will ruin the surprise on how, why and who did it for I have no clue yet its a Pre-meditaded plan if I cannot get a few or none of my models I will take pictures of them one each and have them shown at the start of the book and second to last page and have the reader try to guess who they think the killer is on the final page will show the killer and to start up my book I will have the first page showing an image of a fellow college student and friend who passed away recently.
Project idea
Murder mystery Book Project
For this project i would like to look at the Linear Narrative where it follows a story I feel that no matter what type of book it is be it a photobook or a comic book there has to be meaning behind it for example Solitude of raven by the Japanese photograpgher Masahisa Fukase thus this is the reason behind this idea.
For this series of images I will have them all edited to black and white and have the reader join in by thinking of who the killer is by looking the the suspects pages at the start and the second to last page.

For my influences I would have to say Solitude of Raven by Masahisa Fukase and an anime/manga series by the name of Detective Conan/Case closed (U.S.A)
Either my house or one of the models homes I have yet to decide on where and who's house we can use what I shall do is ask the models if we can use one of there homes for this idea and if not then we shall use my house.
For certain I will be having the book in reverse so instead of left to right like a British person would read any book I shall have it going from right to left just like a Japanese manga book just like my first assignment i will be sticking with a Japanese theme.

The things that influenced me to do this idea is the Manga that I placed below "Detective conan" which has influenced this whole idea and one of my favorite anime "One Piece"
Schedule main Idea
Inform models Date 11/01/16
Shoot Date sometime a week or 2 after I have informed the models
Hand in date 13/02/16
Resorces Main Idea:
Model: Shaun Jennings, Joe Morris, Andrew Watson, Ben Faircloud and many more its undetermined(will use face images if all suspects cannot make it however if i cannot get the modles for even that then I shall do it all my self as the victem killer and suspects.)
Resorces Back-up Idea: None
Equipment/Resources list
For health and safety i will make sure that no one dies for real during the shooting of this murder mystery photo book I will also make sure that there is no cables are loose for things like TV's or games consoles so that nothing gets damaged or broken especially if i am at another persons home.
Health and safety/Ethical considerations
Back-up Idea Schedule
Shoot date 11/01/16 - 16/01/16
Fit together Date 18/01/16 - 30/01/16
For Ethical /Legal issues I will ask the models for permission and the home owner's permission to use the home if I am not shooting at my own house.
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however imbrobable, must be the truth
Sherlock Holmes
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