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McDonalds India

No description

Marie Linden

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of McDonalds India

Trends - Higher Incomes
- Urbanization
- More food variety
Also Fast-Food General Facts about India Population: 1,210,193,422 people
National languages: Hindi & English Created in 1940
By Richard and Maurice McDonald McDonalds in India: Strategy Local Management
Experience in India
Knowledge of the culture
Avoiding hurting religious sensibilities
Mutton based burger
Avoiding political confrontation
Long-term employment contracts Marketing Strategy McDonald India How could McDonald enter the indian Market? Religions : Hinduism (82%)
Islam (12%)
Christianity (2,5%)
Sikhism (2%)
Buddhism (0,7%)
Jainism (0,5%)
Zoroastrianism (0,01%)
Judaism (0,0005%) Traditional Indian Food Vegetarian
Non pork
Very regional food traditions
Cheap McDonald: The company Present in 119 countries
Serve 58 million customers per day
ca. 34,000 selling points world wide
1,8 million employees
80% franchises

Revenue: US $ 27.006 billion (2011) Fund to support ecology in India
Community-related activities (keep the city clean)
Advertisements (we love green)
Participating at World‘s Children Day since 2002
World‘s Children Week (fund raising for education for children, which are mostly girls)
Partnering with Rotary Club and health organizations High Price-Sensitivity
Customer Segmentation over Prices
95% the ingredients for the food come from India
Collaboration with the local Suppliers :6 years before entering indian market
Provide the necessary technology
Need to adapt to local government standards and be better Opening of outlets in Mumbai and Delhi
Adapt the offer depending on the location
Only vegetarian outlets near holy sites (i.e. Golden Temple in Amritsar Focus on family values: family restaurant
Focus on the importance children have in the indian society

Attract teenagers
"Music Meal" in association with Coca Cola India and Universal Music India

Create lounges for senior people to relax
Introduction of home delivery services References
"Mc Donald's to Open 90 Outlets in three years" Buisiness Standard June, 24, 2005.
http://www.casestudyinc.com/case-study-mcdonalds-india-business-strategy Pricing system and social engagement Index
McDonald's as a company
India and its food traditions
McDonald's marketing strategy to enter the Indian market
promotion To Remember: Price: segmentation of the customer

Product: high adaptation

Place: Big cities

Promotion: adapt to local culture and values
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