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A presentation on XCode's good and bad sides!

Brad W

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of XCode

XCode • How it Works
• Usability (viewing)
• Pitfalls (debugging)
shortcuts island!! command-option-up - switch between header and body escape - code completion popup menu usability no tabs - how to deal? command-(doubleclick) - "Jump to Definition" ( version 3.1.4 for OS X 10.5.8 ) subversion ? "Xcode 3 repository features are a little flaky" - Me and Mark Publishing just enter the url here
(the rest will fill out automatically) Pitfalls Debugging:
highlighted line may show wrong position
viewing variable contents: use "print description"
may need to change thread to see relevant call stack
sometimes breakpoints go pale hey?

How projects work... Targets! they link resources together... shortcuts... group / ungroup button use history menu use "all-in-one-mode" this view can take a long time
to refresh

this view can show an
inconsistant value demo: NSZombie debugging power command-shift-e - hides the details panel control-i - brings up history menu subversion?

Brad W

available online at:
http://prezi.com/gj0mpp9sspqi/ thanks! - -
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