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Presenting Lectures from your iPhone

I am doing a lecture today- should I bring my laptop or USB stick. What about my mobile phone?

Damien Walmsley

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Presenting Lectures from your iPhone

Presenting Lectures
from your iPhone

Damien Walmsley
School of Dentistry
The Reality
iPhone is now powerful enough for most presentations
Regular software
from the PC/Mac world
Cloud based software
Mobile based software
Slide Rocket
Sharing software
Electric Slide
We now have Cloud storage
Download "Cloud on" from app store.
Versions for iPad and iPhone

Once installed will ask you which applications you wish to link to - select Dropbox (or other cloud drive)

On Dropbox launch any Microsoft Office application
on your iPhone or iPad (with controls)
Keynote is a fully functioning app.
Access via iTunes or iCloud
Advantages –
cloud based and can download to phone
Presenting tips

The world is Powerpoint – Laptop orientated
Access on the Internet may not be possible – found out to my cost

Can use interaction and able to use
Twitter + other Social media for feedback etc
People like looking to see what apps you have

Watch out for the software "bugs"
Sorry I forgot the pointer
Presentation links

Slide Rocket
Quick Office
Electric Slide
Hardware connections

Lightning Digital AV Adapter
Use the Open in… button
Remember to
change your phone screen on setting to 5 mins
bring along your iPhone5 charging lead
(different to iPhone4)
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