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it is a sketch of the chapter 15 of the English book and the chapter 10 of the Spanish book

anthony me

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Internet

INTERNET Internet is the last in a long line of telecomunications developments that appeared during the 19th and 20th centuries. History of the Web In 1989 Tim Berns-Lee and Robert Cailliau created a system to allow documents to have links between different pieces of data.
The main motivation was the ability to access library information that was spread across multiple servers. Tim Berns-Lee Robert Cailliau In 1990,Tim Berns-Lee created the World Wide Web by using the HyperText. Then he created the first web page, wrote the first web browser and created the first server. In 1993, a program for UNIX called Mosaic sparked the popularity of the World Wide Web. The Technology behind the Web Web Servers It is a computer that stores HTML documents, also knwn as web pages. When you visit a web page, the internet copies the webpage from the web server to your computer. URL (Uniform Resouce Locator) It is the address that you must write in your web browser to connect to a web site.
It has four parts. Protocol Part of the URL that you see before the hostname.
It is separated from the hostname with :// Hostname It is the addres that you're going to visit.
It is separated fromthe Path with a / Path It is culminated with the filename that you're trying to reach.
It is separated from the language with . HTML Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a programming language used in web pages. Structure of the Internet What is a router? Internet is lots of routers connected to one another.
The router pass a message to another and make a connection from a computer that sends the information to a computer that recives the information.
There are a lot of possible routers to the desired destination, so it is important that the best route is chosen. Internet Protocol: th IP Address Each computer connected to internet has a unique identify number, called "IP Address".
The IP stands for internet protocol, the language that the computers use to communicate over internet Searchin for information on the Internet There are some web pages that have "search engines". These programs do not actually look for the information, but they look for web pages with a title that somewhat resembles what we're looking for.
The most famous and used is Google, but there are lots of search engines, like Alta Vista or Yahoo!. First, you can select what type of information to search for. Second, you must write "keywords" that describes that you want to find. Third, click on "Search". If you want to change the language of the search engine, you must click on preferences and on the option "interface language", and select your language. The computer as a comunication tool Email It's a way to send a letter from one client address to another client address, with the advantage that it doesn't take a long time: only some seconds or minutes.
The most used and populary are Hotmail and Gmail, that are free. Videoconfrencing It's a telecomunication technology that allows various individuals to comunicate simultaneously through both voice and image.
To a conference, you need: A computer connected to the Internet A web cam A microphone and speakers A software such as Skype or Messenger Blogs It's a place where a person posts information with the intention of shering it with other people putting in it opinion articles or photos.
The difference between a web page and a blog is that in the blog you can write your opinion or comments. Chats It's a way to exchange messages instantlly with some users that are connected in Internet simultaneously.
The chats are more used than videoconferencing nowadays, especially in young people. th nd
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