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How Does Geography Influence Culture?

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jules martin

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of How Does Geography Influence Culture?

Geography of Africa
Thesis: The availability of natural resources impacts a region by it directly affecting its economy.
How does the availability of natural resources impact a region?
Is culture conflict unavoidable?
Thesis: Culture conflict is unavoidable in Africa due to the fact that the geography of the region causes natural separation.
Counter Claim
How Does Geography Influence its Culture?
The geography of Africa influences its culture because it separates its people into different parts/regions of Africa.
Culture Conflict
Africa is made up of 4 main climate zones including the desert, the subtropical ridge, the Sahel, and the tropical climate. The summers are very hot and the winters are mild.
Culture doesn't always move people around based on geography because there are many types of culture, such as dancing and music, but instruments are made from natural resources like wood.
Counter Claim
Culture conflict can be avoidable with separation, but different cultural groups can still hide and ignore, but soon they will figure out a way to create a conflict, just like the one between the Hutu's and Tutsi's.
Counter Claim: The availability of natural resources can also impact a region by building houses out of wood (trees), and that can endanger species.
Counter Claim
Natural separation causes different cultures to start. Part of culture is religion and each culture wants its religion to be the best and the dominant religion and have everyone join. This will lead to people taken away and holding them hostage until they join that culture.
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Africa has a lot of national forest. These natural resources help to bring in tourism to the country. Visitors like to come see elephants and other animals while spending money and boosting the local economy.
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