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Atoms in Radioactivity

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Atoms in Radioactivity

Some rocks contain radioactive substances that produce a radioactive gas called radon. The pie chart shows the average contribution of these different sources to our natural background radiation.
There is little we can do about natural background radiation. After all, we cannot stop eating, drinking or breathing to avoid it! However, human activity has added to background radiation by creating and using artificial sources of radiation. These include radioactive waste from nuclear power stations, radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons testing and medical X-rays.
Alpha particle
Beta particle
Gamma Ray
Radiation is all around us. It comes from radioactive substances including the ground, the air, building materials and food. Radiation is also found in the cosmic rays from space
Atoms in Radioactivity
To know how atoms can change into other atoms
To know that energy can be released as a result
15th May 2017
Nuclear radiation comes from the nucleus of an atom. There are 3 types..
Travels a _____ _______ in air
Travel ______ of _______ in air
Travel _________s in air

Stopped by a ____ _______ of _______
Stopped by a _____ __________S of a________
Stopped by a _____ of _________
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