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Dora Neiderman

No description

Troyneisha James

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Dora Neiderman

"Only one thing, I mean, nobody came
telling us"
The Holocaust odyssey of
Dora Niderman
Presenter:Troyneisha James
The Ghettos
Before the war
Dora's Family
Young Dora

Her dad died
Her mom remarries
Parents David Z and Chaya Pearl
One Step brother and 3 step sisters
From Czechoslovakia
Early Anti-semitism
Both Christians and Jews lived together and got along
In 1938 Dora's region was annexed by Hungary, a Nazi ally

Her step-father was terribly beaten by Hungarian Police.
The Germans Occupied Dora's town in April 1944. She was 1. No one had no idea that they were going to get taken to camps or at least nobody said anything. Dora's family was taken during the passover holiday (Jewish holiday) and remained in the ghettos for 1 month.
The passengers rode on trains to the ghettos with cattle.
Jewish Section
They put all of the Jews in one section
Jewish section
Everybody shared including non-jews
On the way to Auschwitz
Just Hold ON Were Coming Home
Dora's ride to Auschwitz ''was UN barable'' their
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