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Touching Spirit Bear

Created by the Bridges Class at Palmyra-Macedon Middle School

Kristin Dehmler

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen
Important Elements
The Circle of Life: Everything in life is connected, Humans are connected to one another and also to nature. When someone hurts another it also hurts everyone else. You can heal yourself by helping others because we are all connected.

Kindness: There were many examples when Peter, Cole and Edwin showed kindness toward others. When you show kindness, it often comes back to you.

Friendship: Peter and Cole healed and were able to trust one another and become friends.

Perseverance: Peter persevered through his emotions and injuries. Cole didn’t give up fighting against his anger. He fought through his pain after getting mauled by a bear. Never give up and keep going.

The Dances
Soaking in the Pond
Carrying and Rolling the Ancestor Rock

The Totem Pole
The totem pole is a piece of wood where Cole carves important animals and that connect with Cole and his feelings. Each time he sees an animal he carves it into the wood and then he does the dance of the animal before he goes to bed. Cole carved a bear, a mouse, a beaver, and a fish. Finally, he carved a circle because it represents the justice circle which brought Cole and Peter closer to each other.
The Spirit Bear: Symbolizes trust and healing because after Cole got mauled by the Spirit Bear the Spirit Bear eventually allowed Cole to get close to him again.

The At.toow: A special blanket; which symbolizes trust and celebrations.

Circles: Symbolize people helping one another. Everything is connected. The choices you make effect everyone around you.

The stick: You can choose to focus on the good or the bad in your life. For some people, anger will always be there, but you can choose to focus on your happiness instead.
The remote island in Alaska
and in Minneapolis, Minnesota
The reason Cole soaked in the pond was to meditate and to calm down. The cool water helped to wake him up and allow him to concentrate.
The purpose of the ancestor rock is to carry the rock up the hill and respect it as your own flesh and blood, your family, your ancestors. After reaching the top of the hill you push the rock down the hill imagining it is your anger. It’s not your ancestors any more. It’s your anger. The anger you're pushing away the anger you are giving to calm and relieve yourself.
“His body shaking with sobs. ‘I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!’ he whispered...words he had never been able to speak before welled up inside him him. 'I forgive you.'" page 232

Cole is feeling upset and he wants Peter to forgive him for what he did. Cole is changing. At the beginning of the book, he wouldn’t have been able to say he was sorry. He couldn’t control his anger in the beginning. He’s on an island and he dances to calm himself down then carves something on his totem. It taught him how to control his anger. I act like Cole, I couldn’t control my anger. I found out that music calms me down and when I listen to music I can control my anger.
Wolf dance: Cole leans from this dance that you must seek help like a wolf in his own pack.

Beaver dance: Cole learns that you have to be persistent and patient.

Eagle dance: Cole leans to stay strong and proud.

Whale dance: Cole learns that he is like the whales because he too does not have a fixed home and is searching for truth.

Anger dance: Cole learns that he must dance the anger dance in order to fully heal his anger.
is a demanding Tlingit elder with wisdom and patience, but he's a disciplinarian too.

was a good, thoughtful, kid who told on Cole. The day he told on Cole was the day he lost his happiness, bravery, and the ability to complete daily activities. Peter told the police that Cole robbed the store; so Cole went to Peter and hit him multiple times till blood bled out of Peter’s body. Peter was so brutally assaulted that he tried committing suicide multiple times. It was a definite difficult thing for Cole to try to fix what he had done. Peter eventually gave Cole a chance. Peter was not afraid of Cole anymore but he was rude and disrespectful to him. Cole understood that he somewhat deserved hat treatment. Cole does not give up on Peter, Cole understands what Peter is going through, and he knows it takes time and persistence to fix what he did. Peter learns that Cole did what he did to him because that’s what happened to Cole so Peter and Cole make amends.
Cole had
issues because of his past. He was abused by his father; which caused him to feel
trapped, hurt, afraid, hopeless
. Since violence was all that Cole knew, he beat up Peter and hurt him badly.
"When I was mauled, I didn’t get over my anger. I still feel it, even now, sitting here in this chair. But I’ve also learned it takes a stronger person to ask for help and to tell the truth.” page 155

This is important to me because we have to let our feeling out. We can not lock them inside. The more we lock them in, the more we pull back and that shows fear.
“I felt like the whole world had forgotten about me.” page 240
is Cole's probation officer and he is loyal, loving, caring and helpful.
At the beginning,
is selfish, dishonest and cruel. At the end, Cole is kind, loyal and considerate of others.

"The spirit bear trusted Cole." page 113

I picked this quote because trust is a big thing to have from someone. Trust is a big thing because if you do not have trust in someone it will be hard to have a meaningful relationship.
I connect with Cole because I felt like the whole world has forgotten about me. Sometimes I feel left out at lunch when I have to sit at a table by myself, I feel like have been banished to a remote island just like Cole.
“In that instant Cole realized his mistake. His anger had clouded his judgement.” page 5

This quote is more than relevant, because whenever Cole acted while he was angry, he acted before using common sense and/or logic. This ultimately ended in him regretting it. Like trying to fight a bear with a crudely made spear or his fists, and then getting mauled to near death.

“My parents are divorced and don’t give a rat if I live or die. All they care about is me.” page 30

The quote is contradictory because Cole says his parents don’t care about him but right after he says that he says they do. What is it, do they care about him or do they not care
about him? If you read that page and that page only you want be able to tell if they do or don’t care about Cole but if you read the book by the beginning all the way to that part you are able to tell.

Created Collaboratively by: Brandon Beyers,
Jiovanni Camacho,
Daniel Escobar-Quintanilla,
Kim Rogers,
Tim Snyder-Long
Jose Trejo
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