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Madeleine Student

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of keylin

mt. st. helens Keylin vance 15 facts 1.during the past 4,000 years it erupted more frequently then any valcano in the cascade area. 2. it is about 3,000 years old 3. 4.biggest valcano event in us history 5. its older then pyrmids of egyupt it was the biggest active valcano in us history 6. almost half came off of it 7 . today it ruend a lot of its forest 8. it dameg 20 bridges 200 homes 9. 15 minutes it was about 80,000 feet of ash of the ground 10. it reached habitats animals and there shelter. 11. 2004 half a inch of magma was beneth the valcano. 12. people said it would erupt again the next centuary. 13. a lot of the forest and plants,roots and animals did not survive log after the eruption. 14. it coverd a lot of washington and oregon 15. it was really big eruption.
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