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BAs Output for the sprint

No description

rolo unknown

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of BAs Output for the sprint

BAs Output for the sprint
David Blyth and Rohela Raouf
Wanted to conduct Root Cause Analysis to gain a deeper understanding of the problem in the customer journey

Root Cause Analysis: ESA PBR VS Face to Face
5o ESA Cases:
49 Disallowance
1 Awarded
All Face to Face Assessment
2 Applicants did not return ES50:
Back pain

Three areas to look at
PBR Vs Face to Face
Mandatory Reconsideration
HCP Details
PIP PBR Vs Face to Face
Stakeholder Engagement
Identified key stakeholders for each pain points and benefits
We received blockers in trying to getting the information that we needed
Form quality of applications that we have received was not good:

Does this mean that HCP's don't request FME as they need to see the claimants anyway
Mandatory Reconsideration
We have received 30 ESA MR decisions
18 were failed to attend
12 MR against initial decision
6 were for LCW and LCWRA
6 were for LCWRA
10 had new FME- 1 submitted 21 pg of additional evidence
Wider work
PIP analysis team: 3 wave of claimant surveys:
Initial claim process
Assessment and decision
MR and appeals
Decision Making and Appeals:
Reassurance outbound calls
Plain English Template
Recruitment of POs
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