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The Solar System

No description

Isaac Ayling

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of The Solar System

The Sun
The sun's surface temperature is 5,778 celsius
The centre is 15,000,000 celsius
It takes 25 days for it to rotate
Its diameter is 1,391,684 kilometers
Gravity is 27 times that of earth
The diameter of Mercury is 4,879km, 1/3 that of Earth
It is 57.9 million Km from the Sun
It takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the Sun
A Mercury day is 58 days
A Venus day is 243 Earth days
It's diameter is 12,742km
It's distance from the sun is 108 million km
It's orbit is 8.5 months

Earth's lowest temperature is -88 celsius and it's highest is 58 celsius
It's diameter is 12,742km.
Earth only has one moon.
The distance between Earth and the Sun is known as an Astronomical Unit (AU)

Mars has 2 moons
It's orbit is 1 year and 10 months.
It's lowest temperature -120 Celsius and highest is 10 Celsius
It's diameter is 6,779km
it's diameter is 116,464km - 9 times the size of Earth
it's lowest temperature is -73 Celsius
it's highest is 57 Celsius
It's average temperature -178 Celsius

It's orbit is 84 years.
It's diameter is 50,724km 4 times the size of Earth.
Uranus has 27 moons.
Its orbit is 84 years and 6 days.
It's length of day is 17 hours and 14 minutes.
dwarf planets
The main dwarf planets are
It's diameter 49,324km
It has 14 moons.
It's orbit is 164 years and 8 months.
It's length of day is 16 hours 6mins.
Neptunes orbit is 164 years and months.
The End?
Jupiter's diameter is 139,822km. 11 times bigger than Earth
It has 67 moons
It's length of day is 9 hours and 55 minutes
It's average temperature is -160 Celsius
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