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Capitalizing on Strength and Weaknesses

No description

Teena Bangoy

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Capitalizing on Strength and Weaknesses

Task 1 Boy-Girl Power!
Processing Questions:
1. What qualities of Joaquin have you identified? How about Cristina?

2. In what way could these qualities help them escape from the box?

3. How does the chart help you chart help you sort boys' and girls' characteristics? Could you think of other organizers that would best fit the purpose?

4. Do you think we could interchange the qualities of Joaquin and Cristina? What would interchanging their qualities imply?
Capitalizing on Strength and Weaknesses
Your Journey
None of us is created perfect. All of us are endowed with strength and weaknesses which make our imperfections, perfectly normal. But the premise of positivism allows us to be a better person by capitalizing on our strengths and weaknesses.

This allows you to discover the extent to which you can make them most of your strengths and improve your weaknessess. How far would you go in knowing the real you? What risks are you willing to take to successfully overcome the hurdles of life?
Your Objectives
a. determine the effect of textual aids like advance organizers on the understanding of the text.

b. determine the implicit and explicit signals, verbal and non-verbal used by the speaker to highlight significant points.
Your Initial Tasks
Joaquin and Cristina were trapped in a magic box. Using the chart, identify the individual strengths Joaquin (as a boy) and Cristina (as a girl) could use them to free themselves from the box.
Task 2: Let it Go!
Listen to the song entitled "Let it Go" from the movie FROZEN. Determine implicit and explicit signals from the lyrics that are used by the singer to highlight significant points.
Processing Questions:
1. What is the song all about?

2. What explicit and implicit signals were used by the singer to highlight significant points?

3. How do these signals add value to the lyrics and overall meaning of the song?
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