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Robert Knisley

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Careers


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Makes rules and sets standards for CPAs
Administers CPA exam
Student Membership
Institute of Management Accountants
Provides relevant, current information and learning opportunities to management accountants
Administers the CMA exam and awards the CMA certification
Student Membership
Institute of Internal Auditors
Leader and authority of the internal auditing profession
Awards multiple certifications such as the CIA, CGAP, and the CFSA
Student Membership
Chartered Global Management Accountant
Joint venture of AICPA and CIMA
Awards the CGMA certification
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
World's largest anti-fraud organization
Awards the CFE certification
Student Membership
Provide financial information to decision-makers in companies
Create budgets and perform cost-analysis
Generally must have a bachelor's degree; CMA or CPA is helpful
Salary range in mid-size company: $44,750 - $100,000
Internal Auditor
Provide advice, manage and mitigate risk
Ensure internal controls function properly
Generally bachelor's degree required; CIA useful designation
Salary range in mid-sized company: $49,500 - $121,250
Tax Accountant
Provide tax advice and calculate taxes for individuals and/or corporations
Typically specialize in a particular area
Bachelor's degree usually required and often CPA designation required as well, though not always
Salary range for mid-sized firms: $49,250 - $167,500
Ensure correct accounting policies in government entities
Analyze budgets
Ensure payment of taxes (IRS)
Generally have a bachelor's degree and often a CPA; CGAP, CGFM, or GVA certifications are helpful
Salaries range from $58,100 - $93,430
External Auditor
Audit public and sometimes private companies
Provide reasonable assurance that financial statements do not contain material misstatements
Must have a bachelor's degree and be a CPA
Salary range for mid-size firms: $49,500 - $164,750
Forensic Accountant
Investigate criminal activity such as money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement
Present information in a courtroom
Must have bachelor's degree; CPE, CPA, or CFF useful
Salaries range from $71,500 - $116,750
Securities and Exchange Commission
Ensures that relevant financial information is available concerning public companies
Enforces regulations and prosecutes breaches of regulation
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Recognized authority on financial accounting standards
Maintains the Accounting Standards Codification
Hears concerns about financial standards and will change them as necessary
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Nearly universal accounting standards set by the FASB and GASB
Establishes protocol for recognition of items on financial statements, how they are measured, displayed, and disclosed
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Revamped corporate reporting standards
Requires greater corporate responsibility
Enforceable for any publicly traded company
Requires both internal and external auditors for any public company
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Created through SOX
Regulates auditing of Public Companies
Registers public accounting firms
Investigates registered firms if situations require
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations
Collaboration of five accounting organizations: AAA, AICPA, FEI, IIA, IMA
Guides business world on enterprise risk management, fraud deterrence, and internal controls
International Federation of Accountants
Global network of accounting professionals
Create and maintain international accounting and auditing guidelines
Foster growth and cooperation of accounting organizations throughout the world
Illinois CPA Society
Network for CPAs and business professionals in Illinois
Provides information and education to those in finance and accounting fields
Illinois Board of Examiners
Administers the CPA exam in Illinois and grants certification to those who pass
Administers AICPA ethics exam as well
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Regulates banks and other financial institutions, as well as certified individuals such as CPAs in Illinois
Registers CPAs in Illinois
Certified Public Accountant
Most widely recognized accounting certification
Education, Experience, Examination, and (possibly) ethics requirements
Four sections of exam: Regulation, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Auditing, and Business Environment and Concepts
Many review course options
Certified Management Accountant
Experience, Education, and Examination Requirements
Two-part exam: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control (Part 1), Decision Making (Part 2)
Multiple Review Course Options
Certified Internal Auditor
Education, Examination, Experience, and Character References required
Three section exam: Internal Audit Basics, Internal Audit Practice, and Internal Audit Knowledge Elements
Multiple Review Course Options
Chartered Global Management Accountant
You must either be a CPA or CIMA
Experience and Examination requirements
Case Study Examination
Multiple study materials available
Certified Fraud Examiner
Experience, Education, and Examination requirements
Four part exam: Fraud Deterrence and Prevention, Financial Transactions, and Fraud Schemes, Investigation, and Law
Main study courses offered through ACFE
Certified User
Only requirement is passing the exam
Exam covers such topics as QuickBooks setup, list management, items, sales, purchases, payroll, and customization
Review course offered through QuickBooks
Microsoft Office Specialist
Only requirement is passing the examination
Specialist exams offered for each component of the Office Suite
Certifications associated with particular edition of Office
Certified in Financial Forensics
Must be a CPA
Additional education, experience, and examination requirements
Three-part exam: professional responsibilities and practice management, fundamental forensic knowledge, and specialized forensic knowledge
AICPA offers live review course and self-study materials
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