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Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

No description

Allyssa Gaeta

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
More Consumers
Sea fan, Parrot Fish, Three -spot damselfish, sergeant majors, schoolmasters, bracuddus, spiny lobsters,
long pinned black urchin, Nassau Groupers, Southern sting ray,
Gulf Flounder, Christmas tree worm,
West indies spiney lobster, Moray eel,
sea star, french angelfish, southern sting ray, tunicate knobbed, porgy phytoplankton, puddingwife,
schoolmaster, red finger algae,
staghorn coral, zooplankton.
Florida Keys is on the tip of Florida. It is a coral reef sanctuary with a lot of fish and coral. It is 2,800 square miles long. It is a very warm habitat there. The warm water starts at 2ft and goes to 2000 feet.
The only Decomposer
There is one decomposer in The Florida Keys it is the marine bacteria.
Abiotic Factors
The water temperature in Florida Keys 88º F. The lowest the water has ever gotten is 60º F. A sad thing is global warming is taking away a lot of the water. The other thing is pollution from factories near by is going into the water and destroying water life.
Human Impact
There are so many humans that are going into Florida keys and toughing the coral witch is killing the coral, there are even signs that say don't tough the coral. Another thing is that anchors from boats and ships are being dropped and are toughing the coral and making that die down. Motor boat props are tearing up grass and sea weed. The last thing is people are poring bleach in the water and killing the coral, fish, grass, and any other life that is there.
Why you should go.
I think this is a good place to visit, because it has beautiful scenery. It also has a wide range of fish, coral and other living and nonliving organisms. It is also a very warm place. The last thing is it is very big so you should never get bored.
There are many organisms at Florida Keys. At Florida Keys there are over 120 different living organisms. The producers are; Turtle Grass, Phytoplankton, Zooxanthellae, and Green algae. The consumers are; Flamingo tongue snail...

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