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Mouse Favorite Food Prezi

Made by Jordan Redding and Ashley Jones. All about our mouse's favorite food experiment in vet prep, Mrs. Friends class. Enjoy the show! :O)

Jordan Redding

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Mouse Favorite Food Prezi

Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
The Final Report
A Mouses Favorite Food
By: Jordan Redding and Ashley Jones
Why is it important to find a mouse's favorite food?
Data Table and Graph
-So our class knows what is best to feed the mice we have and how to keep them healthy.
-A mouse's diet should contain a variety of fruits and vegetables.
-Other people that need to know this would be exterminators, pest control specialists and scientist that work in a laboratory.
What are the taste sections on a tongue?
-There are four different taste sections on your tongue, sweet, sour, bitter and salty(umami).
-However, the four taste section system was discontinued and is no longer in use.
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My friends and I have been involved in a scientific experiment. This particular experiment was to find our average favorite food. In order to do this, we had to follow a row of specific steps. Ready to find out what those steps were and the final results? Then, follow me ! ! !
What is an average mouse's favorite food?
1) Put each mouse in a separate cage with a water bottle and with two food pellets in each cage.
2) Get a piece of each food type. Mass each food type in grams on the balance. Record in notebook in the "In" column.
3) Put one food type in each corner of the cage.
4) Wait about 24 hours.
5) Weigh each food type again and record in the "Out" column.
6) Find the percent of change.
7) Repeat for 8 days.
Background Research
Date Published: March 20, 2013
If we give the mice four different flavors of food (salty, sour, bitter and sweet), then the mice will like the salty flavor the most as an over all average.
-mice (28)
-peanut butter
-food pellets
Mouse 243 had eaten the most percent of peanut butter, which was about 95%. Peanut butter was followed closely by the food sugarcane, which he had eaten 92% of. The next food that he had eaten the most were the limes. He had eaten about 74%. The food the mouse had eaten the least of was the radishes with a percentage of about 59%. He had usually ate all of the peanut butter. Also, he buried the radish most of the time.
Mouse 249 had eaten about 91% of the sugarcane which was his favorite out of all the foods. Then, he ate about 77% of the peanut butter, which was the second most food eaten. After that he ate 75% 0f the radishes. Coming in last for his favorite food was the sour limes, with a whopping percentage of 68%. Every time we checked for food I would find his lime hidden and buried. I wasn't surprised, I didn't like them either.
If we give the mice four different flavors of food (salty, sour, bitter and sweet), then the mice will like the salty flavor the most as an over all average. For mouse 243, our hypothesis was supported by the data we found from doing the experiment. However, it was not supported for mouse 249, for he had eaten the sugarcane the most.
5 sources of Error
-weather changing
-experimentation did not occur over 8 consecutive days
-after a couple of days, we changed the type of limes
-after a couple of days, we changed the type of radishes
-forgot a measure for mouse 243
GOAL ! ! !
The End
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