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Movies of the 1920's

No description

Lauren Fierro

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Movies of the 1920's

1920 Movies By Lauren Fierro and Rachel Titus. I Bell We pledge... Famous Stars Movies of the 1920's Major Movie Companies The Movie Experience Charlie Chaplin
Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd The Gold Rush
Sherlock Jr.
Safety Last The Warner Brothers
Famous Player- Lasky Corporation
Metro-Goldwyn Pictures
20th Century Pictures Company
Universal Pictures
Columbia Pictures Architecture
Events Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 in London England.
He was the symbol of the silent film era. During his film career he starred in 86 films and 9 in the 1920's. He also wrote 87 and directed 72 movies (Charles). At the age of 8 he began to tour with an acting company called Eight Lancashire Lads. At the age of 18 he started touring with another group called Fred Karno's Vaudeville. This was when he first toured the U.S. Once he came back to the U.S. to make movies he never applied for citizenship. In 1921 he was given an award by the French Government for his outstanding work in film. On Christmas day 1977 he died (Charlie). Joesph "Buster" Keaton was born on October 4,1895. When he was 6 months old he fell down the stairs and received the nickname Buster. During his film career he wrote 39 films, starred in 147 movies and directed 46 films. While filming Sherlock Jr. in 1924 he broke his neck and was unaware of it until years later (Buster). He was voted the 7th best director of all time by Entertainment Weekly. (Charlie Chaplin did not make the list.) He did all of his stunts in his movies. His movie " The Navigator" (1924) was his most successful movie. He died on Feburary 1, 1966 because of lung cancer (Buster). Harold Lloyd was born on April 20, 1893. He stared in 205 films, produced 15, and directed 8 films. His best genre was thrill comedy. In 1919, he lost his fingers to a prop bomb that turned out to be a real bomb (Harold). Harold Lloyd came up with all of his jokes and gags, but was never given credit for them. He died on March 8, 1971 (Harold). The Gold Rush is about a man who searches for gold and finds more than he wanted (Charlie). Sherlock Jr. is about a detective who is framed for stealing a pocket watch (Buster). Safety Last is about a storeclerk who organizes a contest to climb the outside a tall building, he then makes the climb himself (Harold). The Warner Brothers merged with First National to become Warner Bros.- First National Pictures in 1923 (Film). Famous Players- Lasky Corporation became Paramount in 1926 (Film). MGM (Metro-Goldwyn Pictures) was formed in 1924. They eventually made the Wizard of Oz (Film). They eventually merged wit Fox to become 20th Century Fox (Film). Columbia Pictures was named Columbia from C.B.C Film Sales Company in 1924 (Film). Movie theaters were commonly designed with Middle Eastern or Asian architectures (Let's). The hallways were very extravagantly done. There were chandeliers, marble floors, and enormous foyers (Let's). Some of the first movie theaters were rented rooms and music halls (Let's). In the 1920's the movie theaters were nicknamed Picture Palaces (Let's). Some theaters could seat up to 5,000 (Let's). Theaters sometimes had a children's daycare, dance floors, and billiards rooms (Let's). A theater once had a bar for the men who were tired of watching the romantic movies (Let's). Kids could go into playrooms while their parents were watching movies (Let's). Before the movie started you could catch a ballet or an orchestra (Let's). Ushers were used to help people to their seats (Let's). The Chicago Theater employed 130 people (Let's). Some theaters offered free telephone calls (Let's). Famous Theaters The New York Paramount
The Chicago Theater The Paramount theater was built in 1928 (Let's). When a performer performed here it was like being at the top of the heap (Let's). The movies were visited a lot during the Great Depression (Let's). The Paramount theater was consider the heart of New York entertainment (Let's). The Chicago Theater was built in 1925. It seated 5,000 and employed 130 people (Let's). The Chicago Theater hired a Colonel from West Point to train their ushers (Let's). Ushers were usually well dressed men in a specific uniform depending on the theater (Let's). (Charlie). (Buster). (Harold). (Paramount). (Paramount). (The Chicago). Bibliography "Buster Keaton." IMDb. IMDb.com, n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2013.
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"What Are Some of the Important Facts about Movies in the 1920's?" Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2013. Movies Then and Now Experience
Cost Going to the movies usually was an all day event (Let's). Going to the movies now is usually a 3 hour event. People would go to the movies hours before the show time just to see other shows (Let's). Now we go to the movies twenty minutes before it starts to get popcorn and find a seat. The special effects were done while filming, and were poorly done. Now special effects are done amazingly well and after filming is finished. Now we can see movies in 3D. Back in the 1920's movies were very inexpensive in today's money. But today the cost can be up to $14 dollars with out popcorn and concessions. Interesting Facts The first talking movie was shown on Broadway in 1926. The first movie given an Oscar was the Paramount movie, Wings. In 1927 Oscars were given for the first time (The Past). The first movie in sound was shown in 1928 (What). Disney Movies There were several Disney shorts that came out in the 1920's. Some of the most popular were Steamboat Willie, and Alice's Adventures (Disney). (UNIVERSO).
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