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Managerial Communications

No description

Priya Palani

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Managerial Communications

This is a story about
listening, communicating, and problem solving skills Or lack there of...
Recently graduated
Works for TechnoloComm
Lives at home with family Aunt Maria Also works at TechnoloComm Tom "the boss" Poor listener
Talks too much
Crappy problem solver/ Conflict resolver Susan Alex Peter (Susan from the front) (Peter & Alex) "El Barrio" Jennifer (Jess's BFF) "Problem? What Problem?" Does great work BUT... Not a team player, so
3 month probabtion increased to 6 months Jamal Hates TechnoloComm
People of color aren't treated with respect
Damn the system
Works for his family
Job does pay well
Waiting to retire Rosa Does some work with Diversity Ofice
Policy against mistreatment
Have no procedures to support the policy Tom Peter Alex -Fin- Take it away Nolan!! Jessica ? ? ?
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