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Bully : Chapter Summaries

No description

Amber Broyhill

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Bully : Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1
~ Darrel Mercer is introduced
~ Darrell's mother is in a tight financial situation
~ Darrell's mother decides to move to California from Philadelphia to pursue a better job
~ Darrell feels angry and is scared about moving.
Chapter 2
~ Darrell and his mom finally make it to California
~ Darrell meets his younger cousins and they kind of pick on him about his size just like his uncle did
~ Darrell meets his bullies for the first time. The main ones name is Tyray
~ Tyray threatens Darrell so he will give him money and Darrell tries to walk away but gets tripped and his lip start to bleed
Chapter 3
~ Darrell meets his first "friend" while he is at the grocery store getting groceries for his mother. Her name is Amberlynn Bailey
~ He finds hope since he meets Amberlynn Bailey that moving to California wouldn't be so bad after all
~ He witnesses that the same bullying that was done to him is being done to his younger cousin Nate (by Travis). He couldn't just sit there and let the same thing that happens to him happen to his family.
~ After he breaks up the "fight" his Uncle says it's just the way boys become men and tells him not to worry the next time they were playing rough. Nut Darrell knew better he could see the look in Nate's eyes like it was a word on a sheet of paper. Hatred.
Chapter 4
~ Darrell couldn't sleep the night before he went to school because he was nervous. He decided to walk to school that day.
~ On Darrell's first day of school he realizes that is his first period Amberlynn is in there as well as his bully Tyray. Darrell is grateful to his teacher Mr. Mitchell.
~ He tried to sit down with two boys in the lunch room but got rejected because the seat was already taken.
~Darrell finally found a empty table but wasn't there long before he got asked to move as he did he started to wonder if everyday would be like like. Everyday would he sit alone?
The Bully : Chapter Summaries
Amber Broyhill
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
~ During algebra class, Darrell thought he saw Amberlynn look right at him but then she turned around like she had never seen him before.
~ In gym class the kids made fun of Darrell because of his size and called him chicken legs.
~ When the school day was over and Darrell went home he heard crying and found out it was his cousin Nate. He was crying because his brother broke his favorite car and he won't tell on him because he'll only get worse. Darrell realizes again that his cousin is in the same situation as himself.
~ After dinner Darrell's mother walks into his room and asks him if he'll go to the supermarket to get oranges that she has a coupon for. On his way back he runs into Tyray and the two other bullies they ask him for his money and when he says that he spent it all on the oranges they stomp on his oranges and slam him up against a parked car.
~ After Darrell gathered all of his oranges that weren't too smashed up he started walking but the oranges would just fall out from where Tyray slashed a whole in it. Then this woman stops him and gives him a bag. She asks him about trying to make friends with her grandson Harold (who is extremely shy) and Darrell says that he will.
~ In gym class the next day Tyray and Rodney were still teasing him and when they were jogging Tyray tripped Darrell and made him hurt his ankle.
~ Tyray and Rodney took Darrell's clothes and threw them in a dumpster leaving Darrell in his gym clothes. The coach ended up telling him that he couldn't stay here and gave him a basket of clothes to choose from so he could go home.
~ Tyray and Rodney made Darrell a "deal" every Friday Darrell would have to give them $10.00 and they would be nicer to him and if he didn't they would put him in a cast.
Chapter 7
~ Darrell talks to Mr. Mitchell about his bullying but he don't say who it is. Mt. Mitchell gives Darrell a book and says that he think it will help him. Mr. Mitchell also says that he was the same way when he was in high school and what he did was lift weights and toughen himself on the inside.
~ Darrell decides that he will read the book and after the first two pages he says that he don't understand why Mr. Mitchell gave him this book but he gives the book one more chance and then the book changes.
~ Darrell couldn't get enough of the book. On Saturday he finished it and then he realized why Mr.Mitchell had given him this book. Brian changed in the book and Mr. Mitchell thinks that the can too, he just don't know how.
~ Darrell flips through the part where Brian changes and his favorite part. This boo frustrates him because it was supposed to give him answers but instead gave him more.
Chapter 8
~ Darrell saw another wrestling poster and inally went and talked to Coach Lewis about it.
~ Darrell stays after school for his first wrestling practice and he barley stayed with the group.
~ The next morning after Darrell's first practice he could hardly move he was so sore.
~ In Darrell's first class Tyray is embarrassing him and Amberlynn and Amberlynn ends up screaming that she don't like Darrell. Darrell walks out of the room and into the bathroom and cries.
Chapter 9
~ The next few weeks he didn't talk to anyone about what had happened and the wrestling practices were still tough but as the weeks went on Darrell became stronger.
~ Darrell runs into Jamee at the grocery store and she said that Amberlynn didn't like the way things went that day and that she wont alk to him because she thinks he hates her for what she said. Jamee tells Darrell to be at the Freshman dance so he and Amberlynn can talk.
~ Darrell had his first match and gave up in the second round but in the last one he started to use his head but that is too late so he lost by two points. The coach gave him similar advice as the book did.
~ When Darrel, his mom, and uncle was in the car his uncle was telling him discouraging things so when they got home Darrell yelled at his uncle because he wasn't his coach.
Chapter 10
~ At the lunch table Harrold tells Darrell that he looks bigger and stronger and that because of him he is thinking of joining the wrestling team.
~ Darrell sees this lunch lady having a hard time cleaning up a mess so he decides to help her and when he sits back down Harrold tells him that he can tell by the way Amberlynn was looking at him she liked him.
~ Darrell and Harrold go to the dance and Darrell goes up to Amberlynn and talks to her. When the music started to get quieter and slower he asked her to dance and she said yes.
~ At t dance Tyray, Rodney, and a few other people dragged him into the bathroom and threatened him, took his money, and put him in the trash can.
Chapter 11
~ This was Darrells first Christmas away from Philadelphia and he was wondering what everyone was doing. Darrell said it felt like years since he had walked his old streets.
~ Darrell hears screaming in his uncles garage and realizes it is Nate and Travis. Travis had locked Nate in the car and won't let him out until Nate promises he will hive him his car he got for christmas. Darrell felt sorry for Nate he couldn't stand anyone else getting bullied especially someone in his own family.
~ Darrell yanks Travis off the truck and takes the keys and lets Nate out. Then Uncle James walks in and asks whats going on and Travis lies but Darrell and Nate tell the same story. Uncle James says that Darrell is coming along just fine and that he is a good kid.
~ Darrell decides on his New Years Resolution. Which is that he is going to stop paying Tyray.
Chapter 12
~ On Friday Darrell does not go to the supermarket to pay Tryay like hee usually would. When Tray and Rodney came into first class Tyray stopped and told him he was going to pay extra for not showing up this morning.
~ At lunch Tyray "trips" and makes Darrell spill all of his lunch on him. Darrell helps Miss Bea clean up the mess. Tyray and his friends are still laughing at Darrell when all the anger in Darrell explodes when he yells at the to shut up.
~ Tyray walks over to Darrell and everyone forms a circle around them when Rodney and two other friends start to surround Darrell but then stop when they see Kevin, Chris, and Luis behind Darrell.
~ Darrell breaks Tyray's wrist in the fight from dropping him on the floor and Tyray is getting suspended for three days. Darrell now knows that h nightmare that had begun when he left Philadelphia and came to California is now over and that he will never give into another bully again.
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