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Silk Road Presentation

Chang'an to Dunhuang

Ching Hin Chong

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Silk Road Presentation

SILK ROAD Chang'an to Dunhuang Silk Road Presentation Chang'an to Dunhuang Types of Terrain - Steppe land:
- 680 miles of dry, flat land
- Covered with shrubs and water
- Grass for camels to eat
- Travelers followed Wei River for 250-300 miles
- 200 miles on the foothills of the Nan Shan (Southern Mountains) Rate of Travel 880 miles from Chang'an to Dunhuang
200 miles of mountains (3 miles per hour)
680 miles of flatlands (4 miles per hour)
200/3= 66 2/3 hours = about 6 2/3 days
680/4= 170 hours = about 42.5 days
about 49.2 days from Chang'an to Dunhuang Sightseeing - Mogao Grottoes

- Great Wall of China

- Echoing Sound Mountain

- Crescent Lake Dangers - Lack of food and water
- Varied temperatures (hot days, cold nights)
- Theives
- Wild animals
- Rolling boulders
- Vicious sandstorms Requirements for a Good Leader - Respected by others
- Ability to communicate with others (speak the language)
- Have experience traveling across different terrains (finding food/water/shelter)
- Someone who can provide care for the livestock (camels, mules)
- Management skills (supplies, money)
- Good sense of direction (know the route well)
- Someone who can react well to sticky situations (bandits)
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