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History project.

No description

Morgan Vandenberg

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of History project.

Strategies! Freedom Rides This was when the African Americans and some whites rode buses around town to prtest against seggregated buses. Montgomery Bus Boycott Blacks and whites went on a boycot and wouldnt ride the buses. They did this because of the arrest of Rosa Parks. They got the goverment to change the laws. Freedom summer the african americans finaly got the right to vote. And then the KKK was against african americans, so they tried to kill alot of them. Sit-ins The African Americans would sit at the table in a resturunt and the whites would get mad.So they would throw food at them to try and get them out.Then the african americans would still end up getting arrested..even though they didnt do anything. People! Rosa Parks Rosa parks was an african american lady that wouldnt give up her seat on a bus to a white person. So she ended up getting arrsted. Thurgood Marshall Thurgood Marshall was the first african american to be on the surpreme court. Martin Luther King JR He was the african American leader, and he ended up getting shot at, and he died. Malcolm X Organizations KKK The KKK was a group of whites that would go around and kill alot of the african americans. Black panthers Bobby seale and huey newton founded an organazation and this was called the Black Panthers. This group encouraged African americans to resist white opression. SCLC Martin Luther King JR founded this group. The SCLC was a group that tried to solve the problems in a non-violent way. NAACP This was a very old group to fight segregation against African Americans. Malcolm X was a speaker for African Americans. He was also a minister at a church. He also served time in jail for crimes that he did when he was younger. Events Little Rock Nine Nine African American students transfered to an all white school. The whites always threw food at them, hit them, or were just mean. But most of them stayed and took it, until they graduated. White Flight This is the term that is used when white people move out of a neighbor hood just because african american families are moving in. Brown v. board of education This was the term that was used when the surpreme court stoped segregation in public schools. Voting rights act of 1965 The courts took out segregation in the voting booths.
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