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Film Production

No description

Rachid Seghir

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Film Production

By Ousama
Film Production
The Equipment in Movie Production :
- In recording; they use any HD/PRO camera's which they choose, they use canes and rails to create the diverse selections of shots.
- In lighting; they use reflectors to bounce the light on the target which will in case the contrast/brightness of the set of set or location doesn't seem right, they also us electric light light the area's that you wouldn't normally see or to make sure that they portray the right time of day.
- In sound; they record the sound using a variety of microphones such as a Boom or shotgun to get the best sound of the voices, they also in some productions add hidden attached microphones in the scenes environment, they can also use types of covers on them to make sure its not effected by the wind or the rain.
- In software; depending on what it was filmed on the first thing that they would do was to sync the video with the audio recorded before editing, then they use programs and software to do graphics and to add color grading, then they cut and post their final Directors cut of Film.
The Technology's Included:
Short films are meant to be less than 40 minutes long and are usually created from a low budget depending on the aim of the short film. They are mostly created by amateur companies to gain more popularity and money for them to cream more films or by professionals to promote a short of the movie that they want to create.

Most Short Films are art house movies that are about more than just the entertainment but to leave a meaning, but the most popular is experimenting with the film making. Its also a way of showing the world your skills and talents to the world so that film production company's take notice of them, making it as a portfolio of what they can create. They are shown in art house theaters and some are also shown on the internet through Vemeo, Youtube and many other websites on the internet.
Domestic Films
The main point of the reviewing the short film or feature films release was a success and whether or not they will consider making another is that has it made profit. Some company's review the user or critic’s reactions of the film on public websites and magazines. They use this data to their advantage finding out and knowing what their audience wants, so that before they decide to make another film in the same way. It also effects if they are nominated for awards reflecting on political and public voting.
Most Feature Films are made on the based on the amount of consumption they gain such a 'The Fast and the Furious', 'Die Hard', 'James Bond' because of the Gross they make from the film for the company; which helps to making more business for films company.

Audience Consumption
Short Films
Film Production Crew
After the Production Manager, Director or Producer has gathered the money for the production, before the start any stage of the pre-production they will have to hire or allocate a crew which will consist of; a Producer, Executive Producer, Director, 1st & 2nd Assistant Directors, Screenwriter, Casting Director, Art Director, Cinematography Director, Set Designer, Costume designer, Make-up Artists, Film Editor, Special Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects Producer, Props Master, Gaffer (head of the Electrical Department), Sound Designer,Production Sound Mixer, Composer, Foley Artist and a collection of Legal and Accounting groups and many more assistants that might work beside them.
Throughout the production they will work constantly to make sure that they get the movie done, working like a family passing messages and reporting to the director to make sure that they are all on track.
Foreign Film Industry's
The film industry's develop their films and gain gross/profit in different ways.

The USA’s Hollywood and the Indian Bollywood have the cutting edge for funding their movies since they gain the profits quickly through the theatres around the world, and also by the constant releases of new blockbusters, regarding that Bollywood films are mostly musicals. Even though they both gain most of their profits back, Hollywood receives the most given money for funding and gross/profit out of all the film industries worldwide.

On the other hand, Nollywood creates most of their gross/profit from DVD sales instead of gaining the money back from theatres. They have much cheaper funding for their movies ranging from $10,000 to $210,000, whereas Hollywood in contrast tends to exceed low budgets with millions being spent. Nollywood also tends to have less dramatic story lines which are more believable, whereas Hollywood is known for their huge action, Si-Fi and Fantesy based movies. Even though Nollywood’s production is much cheaper they create movies more rapidly by distributing around 50 movies a week, whereas Hollywood takes much longer ranging from years.
Marketing & Exchange (Advertisement)
How they advertise their products are how they will gain more money and popularity through there movies with the audience by engaging them in any way they can thought the media, Because there are different ranges of people they also create different trailers to make sure the aim is to engage any type of audience in different approaches.

To appeal to more of a selection of people they also use advertisement in the newspapers, magazines, TV, posters, websites and sometimes before the movie start in the theatre to make sure we the audience at least know about them. They also use product placement in their movies, it allows the movie to gain some publicity from outside main movie. There are also future advertisement by creating books, action figures, replica's of movies or sometimes even turned into trends that will still be able to be a supply of income for the company even after the movie is released.
Distribution and Exhibition
In order for a film to become distributed, it is handled by the studio's such as 'Paramount', '20st Century Fox', 'Warner Bros' etc who make deals with the distribution company's such as 'Vue' and 'Odean' etc.. Distribution companies have the job of them making deals with theatres in order for films to be shown, which is based on a film quota (the amount of days a film is on screen for, and release dates.) Films are usually rated from different age groups starting from U (all ages) to 18 and above by a boards you'll see displayed inside the theatre.
Movie Production Cycle
Pre-Production: creating storyboards, developing script's, in depth planning of cast and crew members.
Production: Recording of the footage
Post-Production: Editing, composing and finalizing the movie.
Marketing Exchange: Advertising
Distributing: The final selling of the production
Audience Consumption: The reviewing of how the audience have reacted towards the movie, the selling profits and considering to continue creating the franchise or the type of movie.
Main Roles
Director: is in charge of overseeing that the film maintains the in feel and flow that they want to portray in the film, they also help with directing the actors in the scenes.
Producer: is the person who over sees that the film is on schedule working side by side with the director, they also the ones who coordinates the funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors.
First & Second Assistant Director: are the people who mainly help the production manager or director, they oversee day-to-day management of the cast and crew scheduling, equipment, script, and on set by keeping a working environment, they need to coordinate between each other what they both need to oversee.
Screenwriter/Script Writer: is the person who writes and developed the story and plots, they also sold by pitching their made script to a director or producer to make into a film if their good enough. 4
Camera Man: is the person who controls the camera through the scenes from many repeats of shots and angles.
Cast: are the people that work on learning the scripts and studying the characters, so that they can perform as the character in the scenes of the film.
Domestic films are much relate-able to the public making them more engaging for some. Even though they might seem horrid to some because they might display themes of domestic violence of abuse but most of the stories used are true, in fact they similar to semi-biography converted into made into a short films. Considering that they are high budget films they have to struggle to get company's to fund them. There most commonly made in shorts and shown in film festivals because of the authentic value that the audience can relate to, rather than being a hardcore action film with fiction everywhere where its completely realistic in domestic films.
$160,000,000 (estimated)
$60,000 (estimated)
Domestic films might get funding from grants and film distributors or broadcasters because they usually have a large budget for the film because of the equipment, software and cast needed to create it. It is one of the main genre's of short films because it has variety of types character that we know or have known in our own life and the audience can relate to the things that happen in the story itself making it more personal to them.
$2,000,000 (estimated)
Film Productions get their funding by film grants, non-profit company/organization, sponsors or their own independent funding.
Feature films are usually over 90 minutes long and cost the most out of any type of film. They mostly consist of big companies such as 20th Century Fox, Universal or Warner Bros or any other will known company because they have a variety of people pitching their ideas to them daily and they are well known for giving large sums of funding and profits from business.
Independent Films are funded by their own pockets, which makes room for creativity and variety that they can portray in their movies Production, Marketing Exchange, Distribution and Audience Consumption stages. Therefore they will gain most of the money when they gain profit because they'd not have any other company's included.
Some Productions might be funded privately through sales agents, universities, sponsorship product placement and also from government groups like the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) which was designed to help trading companies to raise finance by decreasing the tax rate of the investors so that they engage investing, buying shares in smaller higher-risk company's or from someones wealthy.
$5,750,000 (estimated)
TV Spots
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