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Minnesota Adapted Athletic Association

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Kyriacos Hadjiyiannis

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Minnesota Adapted Athletic Association

By: Kyriacos Hadjiyiannis Minnesota Adapted Athletic Association (MAAA) 1969--Jim Christy and other students starting asking their physical education teacher at Marshall U High, Ed Prohofsky, why students like them (physically handicapped) could not play in athletic competitions like other students. Inclusion into the MSHSL In 1992, the Minnesota State High School League accepted the proposal from the Minnesota Association for Adapted Athletics (MAAA) Adapted Sports The adapted athletic program includes:

Floor hockey(Winter)
1974--The first organized league of Adapted Floor Hockey was played.
Soccer (fall)
1979--This was the first season of Adapted Soccer
Softball (spring)
1984-- First scheduled games of Softball.
Bowling (spring) Values/Goals/Rewards The mission of the Minnesota Adapted Athletic Association "is to provide youth with disabilities the same opportunity as other students to enjoy the benefits of a quality high school sports program" Adapted Athletics (Background) The goal of the program "has always been to provide sports experiences for high school athletes with disabilities in the same manner that they have been provided for non-disabled athletes." Values = Goal setting, Pride and self-confidence, Friendships,Leadership and teamwork, Competitiveness, Graciousness (win or lose), Physical condition/wellness, Concentration and intensity, A sense of community and belonging, and Commitment and dedication 1978--An organized conference board was established: Minnesota (or Metro) Association for Adapted Athletics (MAAA). There are two divisions:
The CI Division is for students with a cognitive impairment
The PI Division is for students with a physical impairment 1976--Athletic letters for participation in Adapted Athletics were first awarded 1984--Official incorporation of MAAA. 1985--Clyde Riddel joined the MAAA and conducted Adapted State Tournaments 1986--Clyde Riddel printed a rule booklet for the MAAA. 1990--First season of competition for MH (now CI) students. Ed Prohofsky over many years had attempted approval of Adapted Athletics by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). "Students with disabilities want to play on school athletic teams, earn varsity letters, wear letter jackets, and be recognized by their peers as student-athletes.”
-John Bartz, Minnesota State High School League, Associate Executive Director Minnesota is the first state where adapted sports have been officially sanctioned by a state high school league.
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