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13 Colonies

Southern Colonies

Lily Sandoz

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of 13 Colonies

Classes and occupations The cash crop was tobacco They set aside parts if their lands to grow food for their families and slaves The Southern Colonies there cash crop was rice and indigo Education Doctors
Civil War
Rich people sent there kids to Europe
Girls helped clean the house Southern Colonies By: LILY Nguyen Wealthy didn't have to be educated Agriculture Marry Land has mix dairy crop farming cattle racing They planted tobacco to their streets
There were lots of crop lands and also the fruits grow in the valley The cotton wash is a crash crop after the American revolution Homes Fence houses
Half forced camps plantation on houses
They made beautiful tables, and chairs and stools and other items
They had large farms
Roofs made out of cypress shingles Religion Lots of people there were catholic
They tolerate with the middle colonies religion
Church leaders enjoyed power over the ministers Health and Medicine They made them vomit in bowls to make them better
They would bathe in liquid and urine if they had a fever
Weakness and dehydration may have caused as many deaths as the illness being treated
If you have a fever or the chills they would roast you a frog and give it to you and it would be cored Food and drinks Tea
corn bread fun and amusement Cockfighting (9 pines)
fox hunting
horse racing
Dress up
leap frog
dominoes Clothing Men wore wigs made out of chalk to looks stylish
And they had a full cut out
they also had velvet shirts to Family life and customs Couples got married in the brides house
Parents left there child to nannies and tutors
About a quarter of children died when they were born
There wedding were festive by some drinking and eating
Also they would welcome random strangers Coffee Tea
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