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Classroom Mgt in TL

No description

Jennifer Kennedy

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Mgt in TL

Classroom Management in 90% Target Language
You can do it!
I can tell you strategies to get to 90% (or more) target language in my classroom and still keep control.
Make a plan!
Be deliberate. Don't just hope for 90% TL.
Use Visual Cues
Keep yourself honest by using visual cues like and English Box or an English/TL flag.
Thank you!
Routines, routines, routines
Have a routine for EVERYTHING! And practice it with students.
Be a model
Show students what you want them to do.
Determine how much time you have for English and then decide where in your lesson you will use it and where you won't.
60 minute class = 6 minutes of English
90 minute class = 9 minutes of English
20 minute class = 2 minutes of English
Target Language
directions for a new activity
activity you've done before
quick grammar point
grammar that can be explained with help from pictures and gestures
You can speak English only if you're in the "English box"
I appoint a student to switch the sign for me. They take it VERY seriously.
Time yourself
When you're in your English Box or you've flipped the flag start a timer.
Quiet signal
Signal to talk to a partner
Signal to repeat after me
Opening and closing routine
Clean up routine
Getting out supplies routine
Act it out!
Draw pictures!
Check for understanding
Do one together as a class!
I want my students to draw a picture of themselves with an introduction in Spanish below.
Draw one of myself, talking out loud as I do in the TL.
I want my students to play a game where I tell them a color and they have to find something in the room that color and touch it.
I act out how to play the game. Then I act out the rules. "We run?" Noooo. "We walk?" Yes!
Give me an example of an activity in your own class.
How do we give directions and stay in the TL?
You can't climb a mountain without the right gear. And you can't manage your classroom in the TL without the right strategies.
Constantly check to make sure you've got them.
Make it comprehensible
Word walls
Caretaker speech
Circle Back
Don't translate
Comprehension checks
Why do students behave badly?
They don't understand.
They aren't engaged.
They don't understand your directions.
They don't think the subject manner applies to their real lives.
Keep it real!
Post your I can statements and review them at the beginning and end of class.
Post your agenda for the class in English but review in the TL. Include a video or dance party (always authentic and reviewing what you are currently learning!) at the end of class that they can "earn" by working the rest of the class.
Brainstorm why it's important that you learn this material at the beginning of each unit. Review often using your 10% English.
Go over your rules OFTEN!
It's ok to start in English and then switch later to the TL.
You can do it! And if you don't make it one day just forgive yourself and try again tomorrow.
Bell Ringer
Introduce yourself to someone sitting close to you. Ask each other "Do you teach in the target language? How much? What helps you stay in the TL? What are your biggest challenges?"
Tell your partner 2 strategies to manage your class in the TL. Which ones stand out to you most? Which ones are you likely to take back and use in your own classroom?
Crouse, D. (2012). "How to stay in the target language." The Language Educator,
October 2012, 22-27. Retrieved from http://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/TLE_pdf/TLE_Oct12_Article.pdf
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Languages and Children, Making the Match:
New Languages for Young Learners, Grade K-8.
Boston: Pearson.
But that one student...
Use tone of voice to convey meaning or your "teacher look."
Move closer. Whisper redirection in English if you need to.
Pay attention to the behaviors you want.
Set limits and stand your ground. Have consequences and enforce them.
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