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Eshara Senior Project....

No description

Eshara Dancy

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Eshara Senior Project....

Certified Nursing Assistant
E'shara S. Dancy
What is a CNA Nursing Assistant?
Did you know that...
My Research Paper
CNAs also have the name nursing aides or orderlies. And nursing assistants work under the direction of a supervision of registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and also other medical nurses.
Average Annual Salary
Salary Range
$18,300 - $25,200
My research paper is mainly about
How CNAs are important as of today
How to become as Nursing Assistant
Whats the process of being a Nursing Assistant
To work in this field you have to have atleast 72 hours of training and 14 hours in a clinic.
A Certified Nursing Assistant is a very rewarding job. Choosing to become a CNA as a career option can be a good choice if you enjoy helping others and want to start an entry-level healthcare position.
Duties & Responsibilities
Feed, bathe and dress patients
Take patient vital signs
Serve meals, make beds and keep rooms clean
Set up medical equipment and assist with some medical procedures
Answer calls for help and observe changes in a patient's condition or behavior
Thank You for your time!
Any questions?
3 things I learned during my Project
Proper communication
Time Management
Have to complete atleast 75 hours of state training .
Tracie Davis
Learning Stretch
Managing my time
Organizing my research paper
Certified Nursing Assistant
Thesis Statement
Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is easier to accomplish than Registered Nurse because it is the entry-level job in hospitals and nursing homes, has a shorter length of training and education, and has an excellent job outlook.
A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a healthcare professional who provides health care services to patients and facility residents.
Taking my grandmother blood pressure
Career Description
Nurse Assistants give personal care to their patients under the direction of doctors and nurses
Nurse Assistants work in hospitals and nursing homes
The Nursing Assistants have supervision by the nurses and doctors
Long Nights
Nights so long they wear you down,

from room to room without a sound

Who stands between a life and death?

their life can be gone in just one

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