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World Peace and Prosperity

see www.facebook.com/blahblah.info

Imran Kazmi

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of World Peace and Prosperity

World Peace and Prosperity
By Crystal Heart Kazmi
Cell +13055861340/+15169865055
We humans have been warring and hating each other since time immemorial
We've been fighting for food, religion, land, women and power
The last 115 years have seen two "proper" World Wars and many others that have killed millions of people, worst was the holocaust
United Nations was established to help sort out conflict, sadly it's role has been far from impactful
Today people hate each other in the name of more or less the same God they believe in (if they do believe in one)
People are forced to travel across the world to save from corrupt leaders leading to migrant crisis
What's the problem?
Living in constant fear of WWIII, amassing arsenal of nuclear, chemical, biological and now "cyber" weapons
Birth of the Israel - Palestine conflict, Kashmir, Iran-Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Bosnia, N/S Korea, Japan-China among a few
Advent of "radical" religions reflected in hegemonic plans of Abrahamic faiths and Hinduism - each eying for domination however they can
World in three blocs, the educated and humanistic (US, EU, Singapore, Australia, NZ) the power hungry who are slowly developing (China, N Korea, USSR), the oppressed led by corrupt leaders (pretty much all else in South America, Asia, Islands)
The SAD support of good nations to corrupt leaders of the oppressed in the name of a sham democracy
There is no end in sight except status quo or escalation
The world Post World War II
Formed with a lot of hopes, it has essentially failed to deliver a peaceful world to us
While it has, to it's credit, worked a lot in areas of humanitarian relief from wars, migrant crisis, health and education
It has hardly been able to develop understanding between the nations or even avoid wars
NATO has played an important role in peacekeeping and sometimes forward strikes, it is a force for the good and needs to be built upon
Interpol has created a loose knit way of catching criminals which needs a lot of refinement
The role of UN, NATO, Interpol
The way forward
What needs to be done?
Establishing a Global Police Force with the major powers, headed by US and allies, to ensure "local peace" leading to global peace
Advocating to religions to adhere to humanistic values
Influencing nations to reduce emphasis on nationalism to foster trade, respect and movement
Changing the process of democracy to accommodate real freedom of choice
What can I do?
I'm a one man think tank who can change the world given exposure and projection, I can make the above happen
My many initiatives are at http://www.jointhepieces.com
Terror & education http://learningpays.wordpress.com
Terror & faith http://www.ahappyworld.info
Governance http://changepakistannow.wordpress.com
I am available to speak to groups or individuals in person or on skype iokazmi
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