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Ecstasy: An Inside Look

The True Facts About The "Love Drug"

Alyssa Charb

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecstasy: An Inside Look

Ecstasy Ecstasy is taken in a club environment to heighten the level of fun. It affects the serotonin, dopamin, and neropinephrine in the brain by heightening their level of activity. It is a Class A drug. Ecstasy usually comes in the form of pills or powder. It is almost always swallowed, but can be injected, snorted, smoked, or placed in the anus and dissolved. The slang and street terms for Ecstasy include: 2CE, 007s, B-Bombs, Batmans, Bean, Bens, Bermuda Triangle, Cat in the Hats, Care Bears, Dead Road, E, White Nothing, and 2CL.
The short term effects of taking Ecstasy include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature; jaw and teeth clenching, muscle tension, hypertension, dehydration, chills, sweating, nausea, blurred vision, faintness, dizziness, confusion, insomnia, and paranoia. The long term effects of Ecstasy include depression, sleep disorders, paranoia, drug cravings, persistent elevation of anxiety, liver damage, brain damage, and paralysis.
There are no approved medical uses in the United States. However, Ecstasy was originally suppposed to be used for weight loss and was used for theraputic use until outlawed. If someone overdoses on Ecstasy, muscle breakdown, hyperthermia, kidney failure, cardiovascular stystem failure, high blood pressure, panic attacks , seizures, heart failure, and heat stroke can occur, which ultimately leads to death. In Vermont, the availability of Ecstasy is limited compared to Heroin, Marijuana, and Cocaine. One would most likes not find it in the 5-town area. If it is sold, it is most likely found in bars and private residences. In New England, Ecstasy has become a serious problem. MDMA is distributed around Canada and Massachusetts. Vermonters attends Ecstasy raves in neighboring states and across the border in Canada. Ecstasy tablets cost around $20-$30 per tablet, typically. It takes as little as 25-50 cents to produce one ecstasy tablet.
In November 2008, approximately 200,000 tablets of ecstasy were seized in Highgate Springs, Vermont. It was the largest land border seizure of Ecstasy in Vermont.


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