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Chaper 1-8

A brief summary of chapter 1-8.

Travis and Nic Groschke

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Chaper 1-8

Chapter 1 Percy is at a boarding school and gets into many fights. He goes to a museum and disenigrates Mrs. Dodds. Chapter 2 He hears Mr. Brunner and Grover talking about him. His breaks down and he sees 3 old ladies knitting and cut string in front of him. Chapter 3 Percy and his mom decide to go on a trip to Montauk. They talk about Percy's dad and how he wanted him to go to a summer camp. Grover comes and tells them they have to leave right away. Chapter 4 Grover, Percy, and his mom are in the car speeding to the special camp, but a minatour comes and tries to kill them. His mom disapears as they sprint up the hill. Chapter 5 Percy wakes up in a barn where this girl called Annabeth is giving him ambrosia and nectar. She asks about what is going to happen at the summer solistice. Chapter 6 Percy feels guilty about ditching Grover at the station because Mr. D may take away his job as a keeper. He gets Clarrise and her friends wet in the bathroom while fighting. Chapter 7 He moves into the Hermes cabin and they find out that he is undetermined. He talks to Luke and finds out that it was his fault that no one can do quests anymore. Chapter 8 Sword fights with Luke and disarms him. They play capture the flag where he gets wounded and steps in the water and it heals him. They find out that Poseidon is his his dad.
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