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Career Investigation

For Life Issues

Jillian Leonard

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Career Investigation

Career Investigation
Jillian Leonard
Life Issues
Period 6

Planning Process
Self Assessment
Career Research
Evidence of Learning
Career Planning

Career Investigation
I want to learn more about the career of being a Secondary Mathematics Teacher.
I am interested in it because I enjoy helping others and I love math.
I am considering it, but want to know more about the training for this career.
I am interested, but hesitant because I'm not a loud speaker, and I'm not very social.
I am a good match because I'm known to be a leader and I enjoy the subject of math.
The working conditions for this career is that it is indoors, people-oriented, has distracting noise levels, and includes working near others.
Teaching others,
The career research includes the working conditions, work activities, skills and abilities, average starting salary, who to work for, and training.
Working Conditions
Work Activities
Using computers,
Communicating with
supervisors, peers, and subordinates,
Coaching others,
Documenting and recording information,
Skills and Abilities
Organizing, planning, and
prioritizing work
Get information to do the job
Develop goals and strategies
Think creatively
Explain the meaning of
information to others
Update and use job-
related knowledge
Make decisions and
solve problems
Establish and maintain relationships
Monitor events, materials, and surroundings
Coordinate the work and activities of others
Identify objects, actions, and events
Schedule work and activities
Evaluate information against standards
Resolve conflicts and negotiate with others
Judge the value of objects, services, or people
The skills and abilities recommended for this career are:
Reasoning and problem solving
Use of math and science
Managing oneself, people, time, and things
Working with people
Perceiving and visualizing
Average Starting Salary/
Who to work for
The average entry-level wage for
secondary math teachers is
$47,639 yearly.

The employers would be the
public and private schools.
What is my Preferred School?
The training required
for this career is 2-4 years
at a college or university, an approved teacher
training program, and on-
the-job training during the
first year as a teacher.
I'd like to enroll at Pierce
County College during my Junior
and Senior year of high school.
This allows me to have an extra
two years in my major. Then I'd
like to go enroll at Western
Washington University post
high school.
Activity Record
One self assessment I completed on WOIS was the Interest Profiler. The results for the highest interest points were Social and Artistic Careers. Two jobs that relate to these careers are Middle School Teacher (social career) and Graphic Designer (artistic career). For both areas, my favorite careers appeared. The pathway for the social career is Human Resources, and the artistic career is the pathway of... I was not surprised with the results because I am artistic and I like helping others.
Another assessment I completed on WOIS was the Career Interests Area. The results for the highest interest points were Humanitarian and Accommodating. Two jobs that relate to these careers are a baker and a flight attendant (both from Accommodating). For both areas, my favorite careers did not appear. The pathway for the Humanitarian is Human Resources, and the Accommodating is the pathway of... I was surprised with the results because I had no interest with any Humanitarian jobs, and little interest with Accommodating jobs.
Assignment 1:
Chapter 1 Test

Course: Geometry

Instructor: Mrs. Garner

Area of Study: Tools of Geometry

Date of Assignment: September , 2013

Brief description of Assignment: This is the first Chapter Test in Geometry that students in Mrs. Garner's class took.

Rationale for Inclusion: This test was important to me because I
was the only student in this particular class that received a
100%. I learned that studying with flash cards is a really good
way to get really good test scores. The challenge was that this
was the first summative assessment in This relates to my
post-high school plans because I plan to be a math
teacher, and it'd be important to have a drive or a
goal or math.
Assignment 2: MSP
(Measure of Student Progress)

Course: None

Instructor: None

Area of Study: Math, Reading and Science

Date of Assignment: May 2013

Brief description of Assignment: This is a state test in which
every student in Washington State takes. For this test specifically, all eighth graders took this test that included math,
reading, and science.

Rationale for Inclusion: This is an important assignment because I got all
4's on this test. I learned that focusing on school work can enhance your
scores on a state test. I also learned what some of my weak points and
strong points were. The challenge was that I was taking the math part
of the test which included general 8th grade math, and at that time I
was taking a ninth grade math class. This assignment relates to
my post-high school plans because it shows that I can study
and work hard for my work even if there are some tough
challenges along the way
In order to successfully have my career of choice, I must have goals. Three goals I have brainstormed was to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA, another is to tutor a student, and lastly, to join Running Start.

This goal is to graduate high
school with a GPA of 4.0. To do this,
I need to do well in school. I need to
study my subjects and do my homework
as much as possible or at least 4 hours a
day. I've had good grades previously, for
example, 7th grade, I've had all A's, in 8th
grade I've had a GPA of 3.75. From now
until graduation of high school. This would
help me get into the college of my choice
which would allow me to do my
training to get my job.
Goal 1:
Goal 2:
This goal is for me to tutor a student.
Specifically it'd be the subject of math,
but I'm decent in many subjects. I would
tutor the student(s) 1-2 times a week. It is
achievable to me because I've helped out my friends with their math homework. It's realistic because I'm good at helping others. This
would be achieved before I graduate from
high school. This would also help me
analyze how to help/teach others.
Goal 3:
The last goal is of me joining
Running Start. I would be going to
Pierce College in Lakewood to do this.
This allows me to do an extra two years
of the majors I would like to study (mathematics education and technology). I would need to get good grades (GPA of 3.5+) to join. I'm able to achieve this goal
because I've had good grades in the past.
It's reasonable since my mom really
encourages me to do Running Start. I
would be doing this during my
Junior and Senior year of high
Assignment 3:
EOC (End of Course Exam)

Course: Math

Instructor: Mr. Burns

Area of Study: Algebra 1

Date of Assignment: June 2013

Brief description of Assignment: Students who took the Algebra I, Geometry, and/or Algebra II classes would take the End of Course Exam. If the student fails this exam, the student has to retake the test in January of next year.

Rationale for Inclusion: This assignment was really important
because I worked really hard to pass this exam. I learned what
my weak points were and what my strong points were. The
challenge was having to remember some of the lessons
that were taught months ago. This relates to my post-
high school plans because it'd make sense if a
future math teacher was good at math.
Assignment 4:
Frame of Reference Assignment

Course: Pre-AP English

Instructor: Mrs. Meines

Area of Study:

Date of Assignment: September 6, 2013

Brief description of Assignment: This assignment was for me to identify the factors in my life that helped me create a personal frame of reference.

Rationale for Inclusion: What was important about this
assignment was that it allowed me to open up about myself
and realize my point of view of the world because everyone
has a different perspective. I learned that I enjoyed a lot
more books than I thought I did. The challenge was the
layout of the poster that I created. This assignment is
related to my post-high school plans because
I'm interested in Graphic Design and the
poster shows my skills so far in
graphic designing.
Assignment 5:
Chapter 7: Managing Time and

Course: Life Issues

Instructor: Mrs. Sturdivant

Area of Study: Managing Time and Money

Date of Assignment: September 2013

Brief description of Assignment: This assignment begins as a reading, teaching the readers about managing time and money more efficiently.

Rationale for Inclusion: What was important about this
assignment was that it taught students more about managing
their time wisely since sometimes it's hard to do so. I learned
many different ways to spend my time wisely and will use these strategies
to the best of my ability. The challenge while doing this assignment was
probably when I didn't use my time wisely and had to do the questions at
home. This assignment relates to my post-high school plans because I'm
able to use these techniques for college and save a lot of time for
myself and for hanging out with friends.
I've received A's from math since 7th grade. Since
7th grade I've taken a higher class than a general class for mathematics like Honors Math 7 in the beginning of Jr. High, and Honors Math 8/ Algebra 1 in eighth grade.
I enjoy doing math homework, and have been
since 5th grade. I feel that math is the sort of language that is easier than English.
The career that I chose to investigate is the career of a Secondary
Mathematics Teacher. First of all, certain elements of the career investigation surprised me. I didn't know that I would have more training after college. I also did not know that I would have to have a license in order to teach others professionally. Finally I didn't know that the yearly salary would be around $47,000, because people say they have a low salary but I find this salary to be really decent. Second of all, this career still interests me. I have enjoyed the subject of math since 1st grade. I look forward to teaching others about my passion for math and how fun it can be. Also, I like the school environment. Therefore, the career of a Secondary Mathematics Teacher interests me greatly.
Evidence of learning is of 5 assignments that will be shown and explained.
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