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Shaik Irfan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of THE EYE TRIBE

Topics we discuss in this presentation
Why Eye Tribe?
How Does It Works
Significance of Eye Tribe Tracking
Eye Tribe Technology
Calibration Process
Advantages and Dis- Advantages
Applications and Uses

About the Eye Tribe
Eye Tribe is a latest eye tracker that is discovered in 2013.

It is the worlds smallest eye tracker with the minimum dimensions of
20 × 1.9 × 1.9 cm.

It does not require any power source and it is portable.

It consists of camera and a high resolution infrared LED

The Gaze point is the place where the user looks on the screen for a particular time. The eye tribe tracker consists of tracker box where the user can theoretically tracked by the system.

The size of the track box depends on the frame rate, with a higher frame rate offering a smaller track box. When the system is calibrated (see Calibration below), the eye tracking software calculates the user's eye gaze coordinates with an average accuracy of around 0.5 to 1º of visual angle.

Why Eye Tribe?
As we know that there are many Eye Tracking Technologies are available in present era but the Eye Tribe is the latest technology that has advanced features in tracking objects, user movements.


It is the latest technology oriented eye tracker.
It is not wearable and it is smallest in the world.
We can move free when using Eye Tribe(It’s difficult to move when we are using the Head mounted Eye Trackers)
It allows USB 3.0 to make run on all systems.

From this view the world’s smallest eye tracker had came into existence.

The below are the diagrams of the Eye Tribe and the different types of Eye Trackers.

How Does It Works
The main components of the Eye Tribe tracker are a camera and a high-resolution infrared LED that can be used via mobile or smart phone.

Like the Leap Motion , the Eye Tracker uses infrared red light to work its tracking magic. If you've seen footage of people's faces being recorded with a night vision camera, you'll notice how brightly their eyes reflect the light, and that's how the Eye Tracker is able to detect where you're looking.

Fig: Eye Tribe Tracker
Significance of Eye Tribe Tracking
Many different methods have been used to track eye movements since the use of eye-tracking technology was first pioneered in reading research over 100 years ago.

Our eyes and vision systems are our brain’s primary tools for gathering current information about our environment. They are the means through which we live the visual dimension of our life experience.

Eye Tribe Technology
The Technical aspects of the Eye Tribe Tracker are shown in below table :

Sampling Rate - 30Hz and 60Hz
Accuracy - 0.5degree (average)
Spatial Resolution - 0.1 degree (RMS)
Latency - <20 ms at 60Hz
Calibration - 5,9,12 points
Operating range - 45cm - 75cm
Tracking Area - 40cm * 30cm at 65cm distance
Screen sizes - Up to 24 inches
API/SDK - C++, C# and Java included
Data Output - Binocular gaze data
Dimension - (W/H/D) 20 * 1.9 * 1.9 cm
Weight - 70g
Connection - USB 3.0 Super speed
The Eye Tribe camera tracks even the most minuscule movements of the users’ pupils, by taking the images and running them through computer-vision  algorithms.

This Eye Tribe software make it possible to control how mobile devices with just a look. Eye control integration with existing systems such as control systems, originally
touch, system, tilt, etc. It's key press
The Eye Tribe Tracker is developed on the basis of sales of the Gadgets and their economical statuses.
Calibration Process
Before the device is used the Calibration should be done to the Eye Tribe Tracker.

The reason behind this is each person has different eye characteristics, and the eye tracking software needs to model these in order to estimate gaze accurately.

In the above defined way the calibration process should be done and then the Eye Tracker should be used.

The above diagram shows the Calibration process.

It is easily affordable at $99.

It is smallest with 20 × 1.9 × 1.9 measurements.

Need not require any power source.

It has USB 3.0 connectivity.

It can track even smallest eye moves of the user.

It will also mount with SURFACE PRO.

Dis Advantages
The Eye Tribe is only compatible with Microsoft Windows XP,SP1 or newer.
The device needs the calibration compulsory to detect the user pupils movements. This may take several time.
The lack of blinking can cause Eye Fatigue.
Currently only sold and available through website.
Doesn’t work with polarized glasses and other glasses with special coatings
1.Moving an Object: 
Eye Tracker can move like the cursor. Normally the mouse is used as a relative position device —it starts moving from wherever the eye-selected by the user when we are using Eye Tribe.

2. Object Selection:
Generally the objects are selected by the mouse by left clicking on the desired one, but by using the Eye Tribe we can select the objects and make a move also from one to other position as the user eye movements act as the cursor in this situation.

3. Eye-controlled Scrolling Text:
It can also applied as the scroll bar where our eye movements will scroll the pages (either up or down) in our desired manner.

The Eye Tribe Tracker is also applied in gaming perspective to move, run, fight, cut etc movements. For ex: In the game Fruit Ninja the main goal is to cut as many fruits as possible in a limited time, by using Eye Tribe we can cut the fruits just by looking at them. In this way the time can also be saved without swiping on the screen frequently
In Tabs
In Smart Phones
Medical Research
Computer Usability
Vehicle Simulators
Fatigue Detection
Virtual Reality

An eye tribe tracker as an input device is far from ‘‘perfect,’’ in the sense that a mouse or key-board is, and that is caused both by the limitations of current equipment and, more importantly, by the nature of human eye movements.

Overall approach in designing interaction techniques is, wherever possible, to obtain information from a user’s natural eye movements while viewing the screen rather than requiring the user to make specific eye movements to actuate the system.

Any Queries??

Presented By
Shaik Mohammed Irfan
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