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Chapter 3: People Capability Maturity Model Process Areas

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Jeff Bushman

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 3: People Capability Maturity Model Process Areas

By: Jeff Bushman Chapter 3: People Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Process Areas Process Area Process Area Definition: A cluster of related practices that, when performed collectively, satisfy a set of goals that contribute to the capability gained by achieving a maturity level. Process areas
of the People CMM
Figure 3.1 (Page 32) Contains no process areas The Managed Level: Maturity Level 2 Five maturity levels of People CMM figure Breakout of each maturity level Real-life example discussions Discussion, Q&A Communication and Coordination Establish timely communication throughout the organization, and ensure workforce has skills to share information and coordinate activities efficiently Purpose: Establish and maintain physical working conditions, provide resources allowing individuals and workgroups to perform tasks efficiently without unnecessary distractions Performance Management Purpose: Establish objectives related to committed work against which unit and individual performance can be measured, to discuss performance against these objectives, and continuously enhance performance Main focus - Continuous improvement on performance Training and Development Purpose: Ensure all individuals have the skills required to perform their assignments and are provided relevant development opportunities. Each area organizes set of interrelated practices, ex's: staffing, compensation Creates a linked system of processes, transforming organization's workflow management The Initial Level: Maturity Level 1 Workforce practices performed in maturity level 1 inconsistent Virtually all processes performed fall into maturity level 2 Staffing Establish a formal process where committed work is matched to unit resources and qualified individuals are recruited, selected and transitioned into assignments Work Environment Work Examples? Remove gap of current skills and skills required Develop a training plan **Examples of training in your jobs** Compensation Purpose: Provide all individuals with salary and benefits based on their contribution and value to the organization Strategy to motivate and reward the skills/behaviors the organization considers vital to its success Agenda The Defined Level:
Maturity Level 3 Competency Analysis Purpose: Identify the knowledge, skills and process abilities required to perform the organization's business activities so that they may be developed and used as a basis for workforce practices These activities are periodically reassessed to ensure current Workforce Planning Purpose: Coordinate workforce activities with current and future business needs at both the organizational and unit levels Competency Development Purpose: Enhance constantly the capability of the workforce to perform its assigned tasks and responsibilities Career Development Purpose: Ensure individuals are provided opportunities to develop workforce competencies, enabling career objective achievement Competency-Based Practices Purpose: Ensure all workforce practices are based on developing competencies of workplace Activities should be adjusted to support company's focus Workgroup Development Purpose: Organize work around competency-based process abilities Participatory Culture Purpose: Enable workforce's full capability for making decisions that affect performance of business activities The Predictable Level: Maturity Level 4 Competency Integration Purpose: Improve efficiency and agility of interdependent work by integrating process abilities of different workforce competencies Tightly woven interactions Empowered Workgroups Purpose: Invest workgroups with responsibility and authority to determine how to conduct activities most effectively Competency-Based Assets Purpose: Capture knowledge and experience to enhance capability /performance Quantitative Performance Management Purpose: Predict/manage capability of processes for achieving measurable performance objectives Organizational Capability Management Purpose: Quantify and manage capability of workforce and competency-based processes Mentoring The Optimizing Level: Maturity Level 5 Continuous Capability Improvement Continuously improve processes Organizational Performance Alignment Enhance performance results with organizational performance/business objectives Continuous Workforce Innovation Identify/evaluate improved workforce practices and implement THANK YOU!
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