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Wine App Presentation

For IT Entrepreneurship

Sorathan Chaturapruek

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Wine App Presentation

Worth Several Competitors: Snooth
Hello Vino:
http://www.hellovino.com/ Q: What do our competitors have? Us vs Them Real? Food Pairing
User + expert reviews
Taste preferences
Image recognition We will create a wine recommendation service for both experienced and inexperienced wine drinkers. Users can seek out recommendations and food matching and can provide feedback and earn a reputation based on it. Our Product Statement Hello Vino Positives: Costs Established (sizable) user base.
Average-Good ratings.
Well-reviewed pairing engine.
Uses multiple databases. Negatives: Limited user-review features.
No crowdsourcing.
Faulty/paid image recognition.
No "instant" recommendations. Server fees:
~$150/mo fixed cost.
~$0.20/GB bandwidth.

Wine database subscriptions require payment.
Possible licensing fee for barcode scanning service.
Marketing/Advertising budget? iOS: 3/5 (5000 ratings, ? users).
Android: 3.6/5 (400 ratings, 100,000+ users).
No Windows Phone, Blackberry versions.
Website, SMS services offered. Features In-store recommendations
Find wines by store
Food pairing
Celebrity reviews Social ratings system Image Recognition


Bar Code recognition Hard to find the wine? Instant Search "Learning" your preferences Users share their ratings
Karma creates incentive to review
Rewards for the top rated users Wine Recommendations Include a picture! Save wines you like

Better suggestions Wine Recommendations from one button In Conclusion, A: Most of our features... Our crowdsourced platform will be unique and personal, however our competitors do have somewhat similar features. More reliable barcode scanning option. Features We Share Eh... Yes! Real Competitive Advantages We have the right skill set for this kind of app.

UI Design
iOS experience
Web development
Data Mining
Computer Vision Other Possible Advantages In addition... Aaltan's friend's father works with Neural Networks, a potential adviser.

We are all well traveled and could make a "global" app

Tum lives in California: Near to wineries and save on office space. Our app learns your preferences as you use it, making getting recommendations easy as pie. Worth? People ARE willing to pay. Possible Sources of Revenue One-time fee for barcode scanning.
Advertising revenue from wineries and stores.
Advertising revenue from Google Ads type service. Hypothetical Advantages We have a connection with a well-known somellier. They agreed to help us.
Online Community management experience.
Amalgamated wine database. Maybe...
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