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A Visit From the Goon Squad

No description

Macy Jones

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of A Visit From the Goon Squad

Chapter 11
Goodbye, My Love Chapter 10
Out Of Body Chapter 6
X's and O's Scotty comes to Bennie Salazar's record company in New York to visit while Sasha is working as Bennie's assistant. Bennie is married to Stephanie, and they have a son named Chris who is three months old, meanwhile Scotty is recently divorced from Alice. Before going to Bennie's office, Scotty had been fishing on the Hudson with his friends. Scotty is eager to figure out what has brought Bennie to success and why he is less fortunate. Chapter 7
A to B From Jocelyn's perspective, chapter five takes place in Lou's house in LA when Jocelyn and Rhea are forty three and Lou is approaching seventy. Lou is sick and must stay connected to IV's, but Rhea and Jocelyn obey Lou's request to bring him outside to the pool. Lou, Rhea, and Jocelyn have a conversation about Lou's son, Rolph's, death, which happened when Rolph was only twenty-eight years old. This topic triggers anger in Jocelyn as she and Rolph were very close in age. Jocelyn tries to drown Lou in the pool but ends up letting him surface. The ending scene is of Lou, Rhea, and Jocelyn in the pool as Lou is appreciating his last moments of life. In this chapter, Ted Hollander is in Naples searching for his nineteen year old niece Sasha, who has been lost for two years. Ted thinks back to Sasha's troubling childhood during his search for her and remembers her early exposure to drugs and violence. While in Naples, Ted takes advantage of his artistic surroundings and visits the National Museum. When Ted finally finds her, he discovers that she is a kleptomaniac, struggling to pay rent. This chapter is told in second person narrative to Rob. Rob, Sasha, Bix, Lizzie, and Drew all attend New York University, which is where this chapter takes place. Sasha is a twenty one year old freshman who dates Drew while spending time with and opening up to Rob. At the end of the chapter, Drew and Rob decide to go swimming in the river, but Rob ends up dying. Chapter 2
The Gold Cure Bennie is struggling to find success with Stop/Go, a band that is made up of middle-aged sisters from a nunnery in Westchester, NY that is trying to make a deal with Bennie's company, Sow Ear's Records. Bennie is forty four years old and is recently divorced from Stephanie. At this point in the story, Chris is nine years old and Sasha is still working for Bennie. Bennie has developed a strange addiction to leaves of gold, as he believes it will help boost his declining sex-drive. The chapter ends with Bennie confessing his admiration for Sasha after Bennie, Sasha, and Chris's trip to visit the Stop/Go sisters. Chapter 8
Selling the General Two years before this chapter, Dolly Peale had been referred to as La Doll and owned a very successful PR company in New York City. During an event gone wrong on New Year's Eve, La Doll's fame vanished. She was arrested and ended up having to distribute her earnings to all of the party guests that were harmed by her mistake. Dolly's job post-prison is convincing the public that General B., a man that was accused of mass genocide, is innocent. An idea she has for this project is to take a picture of the opinionated, yet hurt, Kitty Jackson and General B. embracing. But, on Jackson, Lulu (Dolly's nine year old daughter), and Dolly's visit to General B., Kitty Jackson expresses her hate for General B. openly. Horrified, General B. and his assistant take Jackson hostage and ship Lulu and Dolly back to the US. Lulu and Dolly moved out of the city where Dolly opened her own gourmet shop and Lulu settled into the local public school. Chapter 5
You (Plural) Chapter 1
Found Objects This chapter takes place in Sasha's therapist's office in New York City as she tells him one of her kleptomaniac episodes. When Sasha and Alex were on a date in the Lassimo Hotel, Sasha went to the bathroom and was tempted by an open pocketbook with a wallet showing. She took the wallet from the bag, which caused a big dilemma at the hotel. Sasha ended up returning the wallet by the end of the night, but then took a piece of paper from Alex later on when they got back to her apartment. Coz, Sasha's therapist, sat quietly and attentively listening to Sasha recount her evening with Alex. Chapter 13
Pure Language At this point in the story, Alex goes to Bennie Salazar's loft in Tribeca to discuss the possibility of Alex getting hired to be a mixer. Bennie has remarried to a lady named Lupa and has young daughter named Ava, and Alex is married to a woman named Rebecca with a daughter named Cara-Ann. Lulu, Dolly's daughter, is now working as Bennie's assistant as opposed to Sasha, and Alex and Lulu work together to promote and perfect Scotty Hausmann's concert in Manhattan. After the successful concert night, Bennie and Alex bond over knowing Sasha as they approach her appartment. Chapter 12
Great Rock and Roll Pauses Chapter twelve is a visual representation of Allison Blake's, Sasha's twelve year old daughter's, interpretation of her family and her surroundings. The chapter shows the Blake family through Allison's eyes. Allison has a brother named Lincoln who is thirteen and her parents' names are Drew and Sasha. Lincoln has adopted his mother's love of music, and finds musical pauses very intriguing, while Drew, Allison's father, is a doctor, and at times gets frustrated at Lincoln's obsession. The setting of this chapter is in their hometown, which is a deserted town surrounded by mountains. Chapter 9
Forty Minute Lunch Jules Jones, a journalist living in New York City, sits down with nineteen year old actress Kitty Jackson in Central Park. During the interview, Jones becomes attracted to Kitty Jackson and attempts to rape her. Jones ends up in jail with a $500,000 bail fee after being stabbed with Jackson's Swiss Army knife and sprayed in the eyes with Mace. Present Chapter 3
Ask Me If I Care This chapter takes place in the late 1970's when Bennie Salazar, Rhea, Jocelyn, Scotty Hausmann, and Alice are in high school. They all live in Sea Cliff, California and are members of a band called The Flaming Dildos, which attracted the attention of record producing Lou. The story is told from Rhea's perspective as the group of teenagers experience rejection, experiment with drugs, and embrace Lou's friendship. Past Chapter 4 Safari Lou takes his children, Charlie and Rolph, as well as his girlfriend, Mindy, on a safari to Africa. At this point in the story Lou is in his late thirties and Rolph is only eleven years old. Chronos, one of Lou's band members, gets attacked by a lion, and Rolph and Charlie spend a great deal of time reminiscing about their mother while Lou enjoys Mindy's company. Stephanie and Bennie are living in Crandale, New York after Bennie sold his company. Christopher, their son, is now in kindergarten and Stephanie is working for La Doll, a public relations company in Manhattan. Kathy and Clay are a couple that Stephanie and Bennie have gotten really close with from the country club, as they slowly transition into the Crandale social scene. Bosco, a washed out musician, is one of Stephanie's clients desperate to find fame again by using his struggle to attract fans. On Stephanie's business trip to the city, her brother Jules, who was finished with his time in jail, came with him and offered to help Bosco with recording his project. In the end, Stephanie discovers that Bennie has been sleeping with her good friend from the country club, Kathy. A Visit From the Goon Squad Jennifer Egan
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