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Lawrence Gomes

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Psychology

Emotions What are they? Emotions are defined as
"A natural instinctive state
of mind deriving from one's
circumstances, mood, or
relationships with others" So how does color trigger emotion? Hypothesis: The colors red and black give a more negative emotional trigger than the colors purple and green The method used for this experiment was naturalistic observation because we did not alter the environment in which our test subjects where questioned in. Subjects 20 20 So How Did We Do This? Let's analyze the results Negative Red Purple Variety of emotional triggers Black Negative Green Positive Green Positive After school we went to the PSHS Marching Band room. Each of us asked 10 people: 5-boys and 5-girls. (What emotion do you associate with this color?) The 1st boy or girl that each of us questioned was video recorded. We observed their reactions and recorded their responses. These where some of the
subjects who were tested
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