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Maroc Telecom

No description

reda el chattahi

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Maroc Telecom

Company Overview
Current Strategies & Current Issues
Mission & Vision
Strategy Formulation
Internal Assessment
External Assessment
Founded in 1998, Itisalat Al Maghrib (IAM) is a Moroccan based company that was before “L’office Nationale des Postes et Telecommunications” (ONPT).
First operating Telecom company in the country
Primarily offers telecom services
Serves individuals and business thanks to its 220 offices across the kingdom
11 178 employees
Presence in 4 African countries; Gabon, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania

I/E Matrix

SPACE Matrix

BCG Matrix

Grand Strategy Matrix

SWOT Matrix

Decision Stage
Company overview
Current strategy & actual issues
Mission & Vision
External assessment
Porter's five forces Model
EFE Matrix
Internal assessment
IFE Matrix
Financial ratios
Strategy Formulation
IE Matrix
SPACE Matrix
BCG Matrix
Grand Strategy Matrix
SWOT Matrix
Decision Stage: QSPM
Strategy Implementation
Change in Stock Price

Current Strategies
Remain the leader in the Telecom industry in Morocco
Strengthen its competitiveness in the landline market
Become a reference in client services
Maintain its strong financial position and solid financial structure
International Expansion
Current Issues
Quality of services (Internet)
Mobile coverage
Restriction of VoIP communications
Decreasing profits and revenues
Porter Five Forces Model
External Factor Evaluation
Competitive Profile Matrix
Internal Factor Evaluation
Financial Ratios
Current Mission
We aim to be the leader in the Moroccan telecommunications industry by continuing to deliver the highest quality customer service. We also thrive to meet our customer’s demands through a wide range of products and services to both individuals and businesses.
Proposed Mission
We aim to be the leader on the national and regional market, by offering the
latest technologies
of telecommunication means and products to our customers. We also thrive to offer our employees
a good and encouraging environment
help the communities we do business with
, while keeping the same
innovative and visionary philosophy
of our company, offering the ability to communicate through out the continent.

Current Vision
Maroc Telecom has the objective of maintaining its market leader position on all of the segments in its industry as well as continuing to be the preferred telecommunications service provider in Morocco without losing its level of profitability

Proposed Vision
Our vision is to remain the leader of Telecommunication services in Morocco, and to become one of the leading telecommunication companies in Africa offering the same high quality service to our customers in the continent.
Liquidity Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Leverage Ratios
Matrices Summary
Strategy Implementation
Product Development of Smartphones

Market Development in Botswana

Product Development of Cloud Computing

Why Product Development?
Low growth of Smartphone market , only 3.2%
High prices charged by IAM for the smartphones provided, compared to competition
15% of IAM’s customers are switching to competitors => Loss of market share
Why Smartphone Products?
One of the current trends in Telecom industry
Smartphone and Tablet adoption rate of 45%
Etisalat, who is an official retailer of Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI, and Apple recently bought 53% of IAM from Vivendi => Take advantage of this new acquisition to provide smartphones adapted to the average income of Moroccan citizens
Respond to the incremental need of smartphones in Morocco
Marketing Mix
Product & Price

Place: all IAM stores across the kingdom

Promotion: conducted on billboard, point of sale displays, as well as TV, radio, and on social networks.
TAM = Total population * urban population % * population aged 25-64 % * population that can afford a smartphone %
TAM = 2,481,957 potential customers
Customers may respond negatively to these products
Costly in the long term if actual customers compliant with the pessimistic scenario
Informal Market represents a huge threat
Why Market Development?
Successful implementation in Gabon, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Mali
Improve the activities of African subsidiaries while opening up to new investment opportunities
Improve the strategic position of IAM on the African market and strengthen the leadership in the Telecom industry
Why Business Acquisition?
Easy integration
Less risk involved
IAM has always operated that way in Africa
PEST Analysis
Goodnow & Hansz Temperature Gradient
Acquisition Price
Acquisition Risk
Not getting the deal (IPO)
Overvaluation of the acquisition price
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is an advanced concept that relies on the possibility of storing and consulting data on the internet instead of personal computer hard drive
Private Cloud
Community Cloud
Public Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Why Cloud Computing?
Companies can benefit from additional bandwidth when needed
Hedging against any system bug
Automatic update of applications and software
Information shared, increased collaboration
Ease of access to information
Increase competitiveness by aligning with the latest technological means
Marketing Mix
Product: MT Cloud Pro for Businesses
Price: 6500 MAD per month
Place: Service offered in IAM stores and accessible through our website
Promotion: Internet, Social Networks, Billboards, Flyers
Risk of losing control over data and IT systems
Incorporation of internal applications might be difficult
Negative response from businesses
Change in Stock Price
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