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Role of Women in Chinese Society

No description

Julia Lee

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Role of Women in Chinese Society

Role of Women in Chinese Society Role of Women Decision of Women's Role Extended Families Affect On Women Available Roles For Women In Society Usually, the father and/or mother would decide their daughter's fate. Changes In Society With Mao In Power Mao was a Communist revolutionary, often referred to as Chairman Mao. He raised the status of women's role in society.The idea of equality for women fit into his broader ideology of equality for the oppressed people of China. First, he initiated a new marriage law that forbade arranged marriages, encouraged free choice of spouses, and stopped "all purchase and sale in marriage contracts." Divorce was also made easier, to be granted at the request of either spouse. It inspired people to act on the equality of women. Groups of men pledged not to marry on bound feet. Wives were promised the right to divorce freely and run their own lives. Women who were not married were promised that they would not be sold into marriages and were protected from arranged marriages. Children marriages were also forbidden. Also, neighbors would knock on the doors of wife beaters to scold them. Extended families are still common in China. The problem is that the mother of the grandchildren often go and live with the husband's side of the family. Once the child is born, they are often pushed to one side of the family and they feel downtrodden as the husband's side take care of the child. The mother is often treated as a workhouse with little contact with their original family and friends. The pressure on this woman is often too much. This causes China to have the highest suicide rate among women in the world in the past years. Within society, women had few alternatives as to what roles they could play. The main options available were those of a wife, concubine, or a prostitute. All of these which were equally undesirable. In the three of these, the women had no power over her life. Why did he do this? He thought the power should be shared equally. He said women would hold up half the sky.
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