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This presentation examines RIM and their marketing strategy.

Marleigh Cheaney

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of RIM-Blackberry

By: Josh Martin, Scott Villemaire, Marleigh Cheaney & Sarju Jugai The marketing strategy of Research in Motion-Blackberry Founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis BRAND BACKGROUND TARGET MARKET Shareholders -opportunities for growth and development Young Adults -Messaging, Popularity IDEAL TARGET ... #1 TARGET... Helped develop the idea of e-mail onto the wireless device CEO of the time was Jim Balsili Fun fact: It ran on AA batteries First mobile device: The 850 1999 Marketing mix The Evolution of Blackberry Without carriers only revenue would come from accessories sold at non-carrier retailers. Distribution The main distribution is through carriers and mobile providers such as Bell, Rogers, and Telus. It's definitely a factor of their success. - Unique instant messaging app Promotion Efforts Celebrity Endorsers - Diplo, U2, Barack Obama Blackberry Messenger Contract Deals - Low to no phone cost Marketing Environment Competition - Competition - - Economic Conditions - Direct - iPhone, Android, Samsung Indirect - Facebook, Skype, Email Alternate - Cars/Driving, Social Events -Currently in a recession

-Blackberry is behind the eight ball when it comes to wanted technology therefore making it harder to maintain good customer relationships.

-In October 2011 Blackberry was blinded sided when there was a global outage.

-September 2012 outage in Europe, Africa, and Mideast. Economic Environment MARKET SEGMENTATION Demographic Segmentation- race,gender,age,education,income,occupation,family size...
Geographic Segmentation-
country,region,climate,city size
Psychographic Segmentation-
lifestyles,personality,self image
Benefit Segmentation-
expected benefits
Usage Rate-
Heavy users? RECOMMENDATIONS THANK-YOU The Blackberry Playbook In 2011 Blackberry released the Playbook It backfired when sales didn't perform and Blackberries market value went from $70 billion to $8.9 billion Helped develop the bar code technology. General Motors awarded Mike $600,000 contract for developing a network computer control display system. RIM does a lot of market research on twitter asking about their products and how they can improve. Market Orientated Company They do well in these areas because they offer more affordable products than the competition, and consumers find a lot of value in the BBM service.

There is very little 3G coverage in developing countries such as these, resulting in a greatly reduced demand for products like the iPhone. International Distribution Blackberry products have done very well in countries that are still developing such as India, Indonesia, and countries in the Latin America and Africa regions. RIM uses a multi-offer strategy in order to reach the most customers possible, with products arranged in different product families at different price points marketed to different segments of the population. Pricing & Strategy Curve 9360 - $0.01 on 3 year plan w/ Rogers Bold 9900 - $49.99 on 3 year w/ Rogers currently, the most popular products they are offering are These products are being positioned as an affordable smartphone alternative to the iPhone with the added functionality of dedicated BBM and email services Was named president CEO of Research In Motion in January 2012 New CEO Thorsten Heins His first Blackberry release is the Blackberry 10 and is expected to be on shelves October 2012
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